DUSA would like to invite you to attend the training "Desgining the Future Organization" on August 22, 2019. The detail of this training is as below.

Content and Outline


Module 1: Understanding the management challenges faced by modern organizations

This module will attempt to explain the root cause of modern organizational failure, and introduce the future trend in human organizations, by walking though the evolutionary history of human organizations.

Module 2: Experiencing tactical meeting

In this module, you will be able to experience the power of tactical meeting from Holacracy. The purpose of tactical meeting is for a circle to surface the important data, sync on the key metrics and project progress, and most importantly to triage tensions that are felt by members of the circle.

Module 3: Holacracy as a self-management practice explained

Holacracy is well known by its radical change of human to power relationship in an organization. In this module, you will be able to grasp the essence of Holacracy, while having a deep dialogue about its true impact to our organization.

Module 4: Experiencing governance meeting

In order to adapt to quick changes, future organizations need to have a dynamic structure that are easy to change. In Holacracy, each circle can change the structure by defining new roles or accountabilities based on real tensions. This is done through governance meeting. In this module, you will be able to experience the integrated decision making process that is built in the governance meeting.



模块二:体验 “合乐制” (Holacracy) 战术会议

这一模块将感受到 “合乐制” (Holacracy) 战术会议的力量。战术会议目的是回顾检查项、关键指标达成以及更新项目进展,最重要的是处理圈子中角色担任者提出的张力。

模块三:用 “合乐制” (Holacracy) 赋能使命驱动的组织

合乐制” (Holacracy) 是一种真正能够从组织结构与业务运营层面全面赋能使命驱动的组织实践。 在结构上,合乐制” (Holacracy) 将组织的使命嵌入到每一个角色和圈子;在流程和日常运营中,合乐制” (Holacracy)让每个角色的承担者基于使命和职责进行自主决策。《合乐制章程》以类似宪法的方式规定了整个组织基于使命进行分权,而不是服务于股东或老板的利益。

模块四:体验 “合乐制” (Holacracy) 治理会议

为适应快速变化的环境,未来组织需要一个动态结构以便及时应对变化。合乐制” (Holacracy) 里,每个圈子可以基于真实张力定义出的新的角色或者职责来调整圈子结构。这个调整是通过治理会议进行的。在这个模块,可以体验治理会议的整合决策流程。

Target and Gains


1.  To open consciousness, understand the form of future organizations, and reshape the perspectives of organizations

2.  To experience the new meeting mechanisms, efficient focusing and skills that can be brought back to work

3.  To explore and evaluate what are the challenges and opportunities in the practicing process

1.  打开思路,认识未来组织的形式并重塑组织视角

2.  体验新的会议机制,学习可以带回日常工作中的有效的聚焦及相关的会议技能

3.  探索并评估实际流程中的机会和挑战

Please note that this is a one-day training. Please organize your own lunch.


We encourage you to commute "green": by metro or carpooling.





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