c.j. Ng 

c.j. Ng    黄常捷

c.j. is the world-class sales, leadership and experiential learning consultant who have helped international companies achieve quantum improvements in sales profits in China and beyond. So far c.j. has helped:
  • International automobile companies such as Schaeffler, Aptiv and Brilliance BMW to communicate and lead across cultures
  • Leading chemical companies such as Air Products, Evonik and Axalta to generate more sales throughout the Asia-Pacific region
  • Global IT companies such as Google, HP and Sophos to improve their cross-regional and cross-functional leadership and management team development capabilities.
At the same time, c.j. is accredited in various assessment tools such as the Cultural Navigator, TTI DISC, OD-Tools Motivation Questionnaire, Belbin Team Roles etc..

c.j.是 一位值得您信赖的销售领域的咨询顾问,曾帮助许多跨 国企业获得了在中国及其他区域 销售业绩方面的显著突破。 c.j.曾帮助:

  •   全球汽车行业佼佼者如 舍弗勒、安泼福 及 华晨宝马 进行有效跨文化沟通和领导力
  • 世 界领先的化工企业如 空气化工(Air Products)、赢创 及 艾仕得涂料 的亚太区销售团队在项目销售上去的更佳业绩。 
  • 国 际知名IT企业 如 谷歌、惠普 及 Sophos 如何地在跨区域及跨部门更好地 进行合作
与此同时,c.j. 老师也是一名认证教练,一名认证Scrum Master,同时还是一些测 评工具的认证顾问,如:TTI DISC、OD-Tools 激励因素、Cultural Navigator、贝尔宾团 队角色等。

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Sales Strategies for a Tough Economy
经 济低迷时期的销售战略 
3-Hour Bilingual Workshop   3小时双语工作 坊
Workshop Information
Date: 20 Sep 2019, Friday
2019 9月20日 周五
Time: 09:00 - 12:00 hrs
Venue: Crowne Plaza Shanghai • No.400 Panyu Road  (near Fahuazhen Road)
上海银星皇冠假日酒店 •番禺路 400 号(靠法华镇路)
Fee : RMB 200 nett
人民币 200 元整


Times are tough. Companies are cutting back, people are tightening their belts, and many decision-makers are holding off on major purchases.  However, your sales targets have NOT been reduced.  Selling in a difficult economy requires different approaches than during a robust one.  
子不好过。很多公司正在削减开 支,老百姓在勒紧裤带过日子, 许多决策者也在推迟大规模购 买。然而,你的销售目标并没有 减少。在严酷的经济形势下需要 有不同的销售方法。

Join us in this half-day workshop where you will find out:
加入我们这个半天的研讨会,你 会发现
  • What you should, and what you shouldn't be doing when selling in tough times 在经济低迷时期销售,你应该和不应该做的
  • Who should be, and who shouldn't be your target customers in a tough economy; and 在经济低迷时期,你的目标客户应该/不应该是哪些
  • How to handle price negotiations during a tough economy
    在经济低迷时期,如何处理价格 谈判


Key Sales Focus during Tough Economic Times 
  • Tough times don't last but tough people do
    经济低迷不会持续太久,但有志 者事竟成
  • Developing new businesses
  • Prepare for longer sales cycles
  • Justify your value
  • Build trust and credibility
Working with customers in a tough economy
  • How do customers buy in a tough economy
    客户在经济低迷时期是如何进行 采购
  • How you need to spend more time and resources with fewer qualified customers 
    如何将更多的时间和资源用在少 数的合适客户
  • How to advance your sale during tough economic times 
    如何在经济低迷时期推进你的销 售
  • How to handle price negotiations

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