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Date: Oct 31, 2019, Thursday
2019年 10 月31日 周四
Time: 14:00 - 17:00 hrs
Venue: Crowne Plaza Shanghai • No.400 Panyu Road  (near Fahuazhen Road)
上海银星皇冠假日酒店 •番禺路400号(靠近法华镇路)
Fee : RMB 200 nett
人民币 200 元整

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Rhett Farber

Rhett has worked with many ofthe largest multinational companies in the world, and creates a“people-literacy” solution based on the specific needs and objectives of thekey stakeholders. He has facilitated numerous assessment tool sessions in thepast, including DISC, MBTI, VIA Character Strengths, Belbin Team Roles, andCultural Orientation Model.  He is alsoaccredited in Positive Psychology’s Mentor Coach program and PAIRS RelationshipEducation.

Rhett 与世界上许多最大的跨国公司合 作,并根据主要利益相关者的特 定需求和目标创建了“以人为 本”的解决方案。他 曾推动许多评估工具,包括 DISC,MBTI,VIA性格优势,贝尔宾团队角色和文化定向模式。他 还获得了积极心理学导师课程和 PAIRS关系学的认证。

When he’s not helping hisclients or spending quality time with his family, Rhett is probably joggling (juggling while jogging) on the beaches of northeast Florida or wherever he’straveling around the world.

工作之余,Rhett会和家人共 度美好时光时,他可能会在佛罗 里达东北部的海滩或他环游世界 的任何地方跑步。

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The 4 Keys to Creating a Playful, Productive, and Prosperous Culture
让企业繁荣富强的4大要诀 (双语)
3-Hour Workshop 3小时工作坊

This 3-hour session allows participants to get a taste of our typical 1-2 day innovative program of experiential and accelerated learning, as attendees use critical-thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and facilitated dialogue to unlock the treasure box for their continued personal and professional growth.  These 4 Keys are essential for any and every organization to succeed, and can also unlock your untapped limitless potential!
这3个小时的工 作坊让参与者们 体验我们经典的 1-2天的体验式和加速学习的 创新课程,参与者们可以使用 批判性思维、解决问题、做出决 策 和促进对话来打开他们个人和职业发展的宝盒。 这 4大要诀对任何组织的成功都 是必不可少的, 也可以释放你未开发的无限潜 力!

Rhett will introduce the treasure box of you and your organization’s untapped limitless potential, and let participants experience each key needed to open this treasure box.

Rhett将介 绍你和你的组织尚未发掘的拥有 无限潜力的宝盒,让参与者们体 验打开这个宝盒所需要的每一把 钥匙。

  • Empower Yourself and Know Your Strengths
    增强自己的能力,了解自己的优 势

  • Connect and Work Effectively with Others
    与他人建立联系,并有效地开展 工作

  • Rise Through The Challenges

  • Create Optimal Flow


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