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May 19, 2020
(4 PM - 5:30 PM)
[Webinar] May 19: DUSA "Virtual Selling in a Covid-19 Economy"
We are delighted to invite you to attend the DUSA online workshop "Virtual Selling in a Covid-19 Economy".
我们很高兴地邀请您参加 将于2020年5月19日举办的 DUSA在线工作坊 "新冠肺炎 经济下的远程销售"。 
The Covid-19 epidemic might just have changed how we do sales for years to come. While you and your customers may be under quarantine, business has to go on. As such, many people have started to work remotely from home, and these include many of your customers.
新 冠肺炎的流行可能会改变我们未来几年的销售 方式。虽然你和你的客户可能被隔离,但业务 必须继续。因此,许多人已经开始在家远程工 作,其中也包括许多你的客户。
On top of the social distancing measures, customers' demand has fallen a lot. Yet, sales people are still expected to achieve their sales targets regardless of the economy
除 了社交隔离措施所造成的种种挑战之外,客户 的需求量已大大下降。 但是,无论经济状况如何,销售人员仍有望实现其销售目标。
The bright side is, if you are able to sell without seeing your customer, you would be able to cover more territory with lesser time, saving a lot of travelling time and costs in the process.
好 的一面是,如果你能够在没有见到客户的情况 下进行销售,你将能够用更少的时间覆盖更多 的区域,从而节省大量的差旅时间和成本。
As such, this online workshop will address the following challenges when sales people sell in a Covid-19 economy, without seeing the customer:
因 此,当销售人员在新冠肺炎经济的环境中,并 且不见到客户进行销售时,您需要解决以下挑 战:
  • Key challenges Sales People face when selling in a Covid-19 Economy;
  •  How to harness your Value Proposition so that customers want to connect with you?
      如何利用你的价值体现,让客户想在无法见到 你的情况下与你联系;
  • Questioning skills to find out what the customer is really thinking or feeling;
  • Following through your sales process without seeing the customers.

For Whom? 针对人群
B2B Sales People           B2B 销售人员
Sales Managers               销售经理
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Please register and pay in advance. Paid participants will receive a confirmation mail including Zoom meeting link and meeting ID one day prior to the event. Please ensure your e-mail address is valid, and try also to check your junk mail just in case.
请 提前注册并付款。已经付款的学员将会在 活动开始前一天收到包含登陆信息的确认 邮件。请确认您注册时填写的邮件地址是 正确的,并同时检查您的垃圾邮箱。
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Bilingual 中英双语
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Member Price 会员价: RMB 50 
Non-member Price 非会员价: RMB 100
Cancellation Policy
If you register for an event but can't attend, please do let us know in advance. If you cancel 1 day before the event, there will be NO cancellation fee. DUSA will charge 100% of the registration fee for cancellation within 24 hours.
Contact Us
If you have any questions please contact Maggie Chen at info@dusa-eu.cn or +86 18051042137.
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