Date: 29  June 2020, Monday
2020 6月29日 周一
Time: 16:00 - 16:40 hrs
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Stephane Reinink  施文瑞

Stephane Reinink, founder of Crescent Apex Business Advisory (Shanghai). Fluent mandarin speaker in China since 2004, held senior management positions at the well-known UK food retailer Tesco and Dutch fast fashion chain C&A. His experience includes operational leadership for 40+ stores in over 8 Chinese provinces, as well as leading high impact transformation projects to refine operating models and improve productivity.

2017-2020, General Manager China for iP2Entertainment, a Dutch family entertainment center start-up. Built the local operating and marketing models for National Geographic Ultimate Explorer™, overseeing pre-opening setup and acting as a senior consultant to FEC owners post opening. China business development lead.

Accredited “VeriSM™ Professional” digital transformation coach certified by Exin, the global leading ICT management certification authority..

施文瑞(Stephane Reinink)先生于2004年开始在中国发展Crescent Apex 玥悉商务咨询(上海)有限公司的创始人。 曾在世界500强企业英国乐购 Tesco 超市和荷兰C&A快消服装等国际零售企业担任中国区高管职位。 负责国内8个省40多家门店的 运营、 销售管理、运营模型转型和生产 力的重点项目。

2017-2020年,担任了 荷兰 IP2ENTERTAINMENT 室内主题乐园创意公司中国区总 经理。建立了《国家地理探险家 中心》的运营和营销模型,负责 两家乐园开业前的筹备工作,营 业后为甲方提供资深运营咨询服 务,同时负责新项目招商。 Exin国际信息科学考试学会 VeriSM™ 专家级数字化转型授权讲师。

Change Management in Digital Transformation
关于数字化转型的颠覆性概念 治理愿景与变革管理
  40-minute Bilingual Workshop   40分钟双 语 工作坊




The radical changes brought along by Covid-19 has made Digital Transformationa ‘must’. Companies had little time to muster a response: actions must yield immediate results. Hence, we see an even stronger focus on digital sales channels, as well reducing operating cost and increasing efficiency. But will such tactics lead to a sustainable competitive advantage in the long run? Are they truly ‘transformational’?

Now more than ever, leaders need to understand what digital transformation really means. That setting out with an operational focus, customer focus or future focus will lead to digital optimization or digital disruption and that both have a profoundly different impact on long term business outlook. For evolving your operating model is not the same as reinventing your business. Digital transformation does not equal adopting the latest technology. It requires visionary leadership & resilient governance committed to changing the organization toward a clear goal.

This webinar addresses the above concepts, using the product lifecycle, ‘Innovator’s dilemma’ and real-world examples to underline the importance of getting digital transformation right from the start. In response to the challenges discussed during the course, VeriSM™ is introduced as a value-driven, evolving, responsive and integrated management approach for success in the digital age.


今年全球面临的 新型冠状病毒已经让数字化转型 成为了企业的“必选”项。

商业环境的这种根本性变化使得 企业几乎没有时间做出反应。 而我们却需要立竿见影的行动来 产 生即时的效果。 所以, 我们能看到的措施主要是加强线 上业务渠道, 以及降低运营成本和提高效率。 但是,从长远来看, 这种策略会带来可持续的竞争优 势吗? 这些举措真的是“数字化转型” 吗? 如今, 企业领导者比以往任何时候都更 需要理解数字化转型的真正含 义。 以运营为中心、以客户为中心或 以未来为中心, 这使优化性的数字优转型、 或颠覆性的数字转型, 对长期业务前景所产生的影响截 然不同。 因为, 进化运营模式和重塑商业模式是两种不同的行为。 数字化转型并不等于采用最新的 数字技术。 而是需要清晰目标, 坚决性的领导才能和治理决心, 来推动并落地组织变革。

此次线上分享针对上述概念, 围绕产品生命周期、 “创新者的困境” 和实战案例, 来着重讲解数字化转型正确起步 的重要性。

最后, 为有效的应对课程中讨论的挑 战, 主讲人将介绍VeriSM™的 价值驱动、 持续演进、 及时响应和协调整合的管理方 法, 引领企业成功的数字化转型。

  1. Defining “Digital Transformation”

  2. Optimization or Disruption?
    数字化优化,还是数字化颠 覆   

  3. The Innovator’s Dilemma

  4. Governance as key success factor
    治理的重要 性   

  5. Landing ‘digital’ change

  6. Value proposition of the VeriSM™ digital transformation approach
    数字化转型VeriSM™模型 的价值主张

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