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Ethan Wang    王元永
Ethan is a dynamic trainer, motivational speaker, and team builder with excellent communication skills.  He was recruited by Eaton Corporation into its prestigious Global Leadership Development Program.  From 2007-2013 Ethan rotated between functional roles in Strategy, Marketing, Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chain, Finance, and Sales Leadership.  Between 2014-2016 he held the role of APAC Director of Mergers and Acquisitions for Honeywell.  He built an acquisition pipeline worth $2.63 billion with 4 projects in non-binding stage totalling $700 million.

In 2016 Ethan served as VP of Sales for Tenneco, where he managed sales across three strategic business units totalling USD $980 million. He developed sales and marketing strategies aligned with segmentation and regionally specific requirements to ensure sales force effectiveness, pricing competitiveness, and highly attractive value propositions.

With work experiences on four continents, Ethan understands and works with global diversity and cultural sensitivity.

王元永老师具有出色的沟通能 力,是一位充满活力的培训师, 励志演说家。王老师被伊顿公司 聘请进入其著名的全球领导力发 展计划。从2007年到 2013年期间,他曾内部轮岗 担任战略,市场营销,制造运 营,供应链,财务和销售等多项 职务。在2014年至2016 年期间,王老师担任霍尼韦尔亚 太地区企业并购总监。他建立了 价值26.3亿美元的收购渠 道,其中包括4个处于非约束阶 段的项目,总计7亿美元。

在2016年,王老师在天纳克 中国担任亚太区销售副总裁,管 理三个战略业务部门,负责总数 达9.8亿美元的销售目标。在 此期间,他制定了适合细分市场 和地区的销售和营销策略,提高 销售人员的效率,建立价格竞争 力和为品牌创造更具吸引力的价 值主张。

凭借在四大洲丰富的工作和居住 经验,王元永极具跨地区文化敏 感度,非常了解全球多样性和文 化差异。
Exponential Selling: How to Achieve Exponential Growth in B2B Sales (with real cases from Eaton)
如何在B2B领域让业绩取得指数性增长 (真实伊顿案例)

3-Hour Chinese Workshop   3 小时中文工作坊



To many companies, achieving the annual sales targets is a real challenge, especially in a tough economy.  However, you can achieve exponential growth in sales if you presented a unified and integrated sales strategy, instead of having fragmented business units with no clear identity.
对于许多企业而言,实现年度销 售目标是一个真正的挑战,尤其 是在经济困难时期。 但是,如果你能整合一个统一的销售战略 (而不是将零碎的业务部门划分 为没有明确共同目标的个体), 你其实可以实现销售的指数增 长。
This is the story of how one such company that overcome internal and external challenges to collaborate across multiple Business Units to achieve exponential growth in B2B sales.  This is the story of the One Eaton Strategy, and perhaps this can be your story too.
这是一个如何克服内外挑战并结 合多个业务部门进行协作以实现 B2B业绩指数增长的故事。 这是“一个伊顿战略”的故事, 也许这也可能是您的故事。

  1. Incremental vs Exponential Growth  增量 vs 指数增长
  2. Case Study: One Eaton Strategy
    案例分享: 一个伊顿战略
  3. Potholes along the road
  4. Aligning your Market with People, Strategy and Structure
    将你的市场与人员,战略和结构 形成一致
  5. Channeling your energy: advancing from maintaining current sales to discovering and creating value
    引导您的能量: 从维持当前的业绩进展到发现和创造价值
  6. Q&A

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