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May 7, 2021,  Friday
2021年 5月 7日 周五
15:00 - 16:00 hrs
Virtual (Zoom link will be sent 1 day in advance)
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c.j. Ng 
c.j. Ng   黄常捷

c.j. is the world-class sales, leadership and business acumen coach who have helped international companies achieve quantum improvements in sales profits in China and beyond. So far, c.j. Is the 1st and ONLY Asian sales, cross-culture and leadership expert to have been invited to speak at the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) International Convention. 

c.j.是美国培训与发展协会 (ASTD)2009年国际大 会的特邀演讲嘉宾,也是 ASTD国际大会有史以来唯一 受邀演讲的亚洲销售、领导力及 商务敏锐度培训咨询师。他是一 位值 得您信赖的销售领域的咨询顾 问,曾帮助许多跨国企业获得了 在中国及其他区域销售业绩方面 的显著突破。

c.j. has helped:

  • Global IT companies such as Google, Cisco and HP to improve their strategic selling and negotiations abilities globally.
    国际IT企业 如 谷歌、思科 及 惠普 如何针对国内及国际市场进行战略客户管理及谈判协商
  • International industrial companies such as Honeywell, Porsche and Brilliance BMW to lead change through developing their leadership teams
    全球实业佼佼者如 霍尼韦尔、保时捷 及 华晨宝马 通过发展各层领导的能力以推动变革
  • Leading chemical companies such as Air Products, Evonik and Axalta to generate more sales throughout the Asia-Pacific region
    世界领先的化工企业如 空气化工(Air Products)、赢创 及 艾仕得涂料 的亚太区销售团队在项目销售上去的更佳业绩。

Webinar: How to Sell to Customers when There’s NO Obvious Need (Chinese)
线上分享 | 如何在客户没有明显需求的时候进行销售 (中文)

60-minutes Webinar 60 分钟线上分享



As sales organizations make the transition from selling boxes to selling integrated solutions, sales people would have to adjust the ways they sell as well.  In addition, as customers make the transition from buying boxes to buying integrated solutions, the contact persons involved might have changed, and their expectations of how the sales person handle the sales conversation have changed a lot too
随着销售组织从销售 ”盒子” 过渡到销售集成解决方案,销售人 员也必须调整销售方式。 此外,随着客户从购买”盒子” 过渡到购买集成解决方案, 相关联系人可能已经发生了变化, 他们对销售人员如何处理销售对话的期望也发生了很大变化

Instead of having the sales conversation around products, sales people will have to strike up conversations with customers revolving around business and technical issues that the customer are interested in.  The key challenge for is to find ways to avoid the customer saying”no need”, and then strike up a meaningful conversation with the customer

销售人员将不得不围绕客户 感兴趣的业务和技术问题 与客户展开对话, 而不是围绕产品展开销售宣讲。 关键挑战是,如何避免客户说 “不需要”, 然后与客户进行有意义的对话。

Agenda  学习重点

  • From hustling products to selling solutions: mindset changes that sales people need to make

  • How to make sure your customers don’t say “no need”
    如何确保客户不跟你说 “不需要”

  • How to strike up a conversation with potential customers when you are NOT selling a product
    如何在不做产品推销的前提下与 潜在客户进行沟通

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