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17 Sep, 2021,  Friday
2021年 9 月17 日 周五
14:00 - 17:00 hrs
The Bund Finance Center Shanghai • No.888 Zhongshan East Road 2 • Block N1 • Level 2
中山东二路588号,上海 BFC外滩金融中心N1栋, 2楼
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老师简 介

Cathy Cang 

Judith Chen 陈贤凝 
Judith is a senior consultant of Leadership and Organizational Development Subject Matter Expert who has been working in large Western multinational corporations for more than 20 years. With her extensive experience in the field of Human Resource Management, Judith has gained a profound understanding of the current situation of HRM in China, especially in the areas of Talent Management and Leadership Development.

Judith老师是领导力和组 织发展主题专家的高级顾问,在 大型跨国公司工作了20多年。 Judith老师在 人力资源管理领域有着丰富的经验,她对中国人力资源管理 的现状有深刻的理解,特别是在 人才管理和领导力发展领域。

Her working experiences in leading HRM positions in multinationals such as Zeneca (6 years), Ikea (9 years), Logitech (5 years) and Apple (2 years) has made her realize that standard talent management practices cannot match the fast business expansion in China, where the quantity and quality of middle & senior managers can often not satisfy the greater demand of the talent market.

她曾在捷利康(6年)、宜家 (9年)、罗技(5年)、苹果 (2年)等跨国公司担任领导人 力资源管理职位,她意识到标准 的人才管理方式无法与中国业务 的快速扩张相匹配。 中高级管理人员的数量和质量往往不能满足更大的人才市场需求。

Judith is volunteer coach for “Teach for China” career coach program ,  “TongJi EMBA & MBA” career coach program and HREC coach program.

Judith老师是“教为中 国”职业指导项目、“同济 EMBA & MBA”职业指导项目和HREC职业指导项目的志愿者教练

How to use Trait Map Big-5 to Develop Organizational Leadership
如 何使用Trait Map 大五培养组织领导力

Half-Day Workshop  半天工作坊

Trait Map

Complimentary Trait-Map Assessments for Attendees!

参会者将免费体验 Trait Map 测评!

Background 背景

Organizational leadership communicates the mission and vision, establishes the strategic plan, and 
then inspires individuals to put forth their talents to fulfill the goals aligned with the strategy.

组织领导 力的核心在于传达企业使命和愿 景,制定战略计划,然后激励个人 发挥才能,实现与战略一致的目 标

As such, all strategic planning will be a waste of time and resources if the organizational leadership could not assign the right people for the right purposes.  The company’s strategy will fail too, if the talents are not able to work together and create synergy

因此,如 果企业的组织领导不能为相关的目的分 配合适的人,所 有的战略规划都将是时间和资源的浪费 如果企业人才 们不能一起 工作并创造协同效应,公司的战 略也会失败。

Agenda 议程

  1. What is organizational Leadership?
  2. How to identify the key talents for the jobs using Trait Map?
    如何使用Trait Map甄选合适的人才来实施适合他们的任务?
  3. Key success and failure factors in organizational leadership
  4. How to use Trait Map to boost organizational leadership effectiveness?
    如何使用 Trait Map 以提高组织领导力的效率?
  5. Case studies  案例分享

Target Audience 受众

HR, Middle and senior managers who are tasked to lead in their organizations
需要领导组织的HR及中高层经 理们

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