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May 11, 2022,  Wednesday
2022年 5月 11日 周三
15:00 - 16:30 hrs
Virtual (MS Teams)
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嘉 宾简介

Angeline V. Teo

Angeline V. Teo is the President of PEPWorldwide (Asia) Pte. Ltd, a professional learning and development solutions provider. Behind her many ventures in life is a passion for people, a passion that continues to drive her to this day.

As the Chief Consultant and Coach of PEP (Personal Efficiency Program), she has helped multinational organisations and their employees to Peak Everyone’s Performance. Throughout the years as an executive and personal coach, she has gained valuable knowledge and insights of life at the workplace and her perspective has been invaluable to those under her mentorship.

She upholds the importance of striking a balance between Work and Life.  A proficient public speaker, she shares with her audience best practices to help them stay in control and to be happy in a motivational and interactive manner. She believes that S.P.A.M (Stay Positively Active and Motivated) is the right formula to succeed in one’s personal and professional life.

Angeline holds a Master of Science Degree in International Marketing from the University of Strathclyde (U.K.). She is a certified Work-Life Coach and a Career Coach with Work Life Asia. She has qualifications in International Marketing, Management, Business and Coaching. She is affiliated with Asia Professional Speakers Singapore, IBT International, PEPWorldwide, Worklife Asia, and the Chartered Institute of Marketing in U.K.

She has acquired a wealth of experience in the international markets working with diverse cultures, and managed collaborations with government agencies and MNCs in various industries like FMCG, healthcare, pharmaceutical, shipping and transportation, government agencies and institutions, education, oil and gas, hospitality and tourism among many others. She has gained experience and exposure in the areas of organisational development and change management with major airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Qantas and British Airways.。

Webinar: How to Add 2 hours of Productivity to Your Work Day, Every Single Day (English)
线 上分享 | 如 何为你每一个工作日增加2小 时的效率  (英语)

90-minutes Webinar 90 分钟线上分享

See how an extra two hours of productivity improves your performance 看看额外的两个小时的生产力如何提高你的绩效

A lot has been said about creating a high-performance culture.  However, no one can create a whole new company culture in just a couple of days' workshop.  At the same time, a company's top management needs to drive the values, skills, and behaviors from top to bottom throughout the organization.  In other words, top management needs to breathe the new culture and lead by example so that the new high-performance culture can be implemented effectively.
This 90-minute workshop will illustrate how to develop organization-wide personal efficiency.  The Personal Efficiency Program (PEP) is strategically structured to help top managers embody a high-performance culture and then be the driving force to transform their respective organizations into high-performing ones.  This structure is based on recommendations by behavioral experts to effectively implement the techniques, tools, and behaviors so that they become habits that transcend high-performing cultures.
Besides achieving high performance, companies would also need to ensure that no one suffers from burn-out and massive stress to achieve the performance goals.  PEP enables employees and managers to cultivate and maintain proactive working styles.  In essence, PEP will:

  • Increase the efficiency of managers and their teams, giving them more time to achieve strategic initiatives
  • Help people excel in their roles
  • Enable managers to become more effective in managing, coaching and developing their teams
  • Empower managers to ensure teams are focused on strategic objectives
  • Assist in creating role clarity for employees, eliminating unnecessary ambiguity
  • Facilitate the organization’s implementation of initiatives and management of teams
  • Foster a culture of accountability and respect
  • Help executives achieve key performance indicators and performance measures
  • Improve morale, reduces stress and enables greater work-life harmony

Agenda  学习重点

  • How to control your workload, as well as your time

  • How to add 2 hours of productivity to your work day, everyday

  • How to improve total productivity for your company

  • Q&A

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