Date: 30 May 2023, Tuesday
2023 5月30日 周二
Time: 08:30 - 10:30 hrs
Venue: White Space People's Square • Shanghai • No.700 Yan'an East Road  (near Guangxi North Road)
(上海黄浦 区延安东路700号 (近广西北路口) • 港泰大厦
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Gabor Nagy  博 然

Gabor is a co-author of the Trait-Map Professional Personality Assessment; the OD-Tools Motivation Questionnaire and several other assessment tools and competency models. He also developed Organizational Diagnostic Tools (OD-Map, Team-SWOT, various surveys). 15+ years experience in Talent Management enables him to deliver solutions for Performance Management, Employee Retention / Engagement, Competency Modeling.

Gabor 是Trait-Map职业性格测试、OD-Tools驱动力因素问卷等心理测验工具的作者之一。他也研发了一些组织诊断工具(OD-Map组织效能调研、 Team-SWOT团队效能调 研等)。15年人才管理领域专 业顾问,在绩效管理、员工保 留、继任计划、能力素质模型方 面都有宝贵经验。他服务过的客 户包括:阿美德格、斯博瑞安、 博世、贝迪中国、赢创德固赛、 福斯油品、 盖尔太 平洋、国际铜业协会、英特尔乳 业、国际油漆、克诺尔、全球物 流、上海大众、中化国际、联恒 异氢、联合汽车电子等公司提供 过培训及咨询服务;应邀在德商 会、瑞典商会、英商会、美商会 等机构活动上进行演讲及讲座; 在同济、交大、海事学院、 Nordakademie 、里昂商学院MBA/EMBA班授课。上海对外经贸大学(原上海对外贸易学院)职业发展中心的特聘教授。

Power Breakfast Hour: Talent Development using Trait-Map® Assessment
早餐会: 使用Trait-Map®测评进行人才发展
2-Hour Breakfast Keynote in English




Welcome to Trait-Map®, a revolutionary personality assessment!
欢迎来到Trait- Map®,一个革命性的人格评 估!你是否已经厌倦了使用过时 的人格评估,无法对你的员工的 优点和缺点提供有价值的见解?

Are you tired of using outdated personality assessments that fail to provide valuable insights into your employees' strengths and weaknesses? Introducing Trait-Map®, a personality assessment tool that will change the way you approach talent management.
你是否厌倦了使用过时的性格评 估,而这些评估不能为你的员工 的优势和劣势提供有价值的洞察 力?介绍一下Trait- Map®,一个将改变你的人才 管理方式的性格评估工具。

We are pleased to invite HR professionals to our upcoming event where we will introduce Trait-Map and demonstrate its powerful capabilities. With this innovative tool, you will gain a deeper understanding of your employees' personalities, enabling you to make more informed decisions about hiring, training, and career development.
我们很高兴邀请人力资源专业人 士参加我们即将举行的活动,我 们将介绍Trait-Map并 展示其强大的功能。有了这个创 新的工具,你将更深入地了解你 的员工的个性,使你能够在招 聘、培训和职业发展方面做出更 明智的决定。

The combination of an innovative forced-choice test format, short assessment times, accurate results, and user-friendly reports make Trait-Map
® uniquely effective.
创新的强制选择测试形式、较短 的评估时间、准确的结果和用户 友好的报告相结合,使 Trait-Map®具有独特 的功效。


  1. How to predict future talent success using Trait-Map® identifies strengths, ideal roles and improvement opportunities
    如何使用Trait Map®预测人才将来的绩效表现;

  2. Guides people in realizing their potential by providing direction and confidence in using their strengths
    通过提供指导和建立信心来引导 人们实现自我潜力

  3. Improves teamwork and collaboration, reduces conflicts, and accelerates team maturity;
    改善团队合作和协作,减少冲突 并加速团队成熟度;

  4. Greatly improves the quality of interviews and selection decisions.
    极大地提高了面试和选拔决策的 质量

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