c.j. Ng 方相咨询 

You need to generate resonance if you want to inspire people with your words. Resonance is the ability to bond with your audience and influence them to embrace your message.  It’s not something that you can fake.  It requires careful preparation and delivery.


Here are six principles that you fail to follow, based on my experience and knowledge of persuasion:

Start with why. 


Before you speak, ask yourself why you are speaking.  What is your motive?  What is your purpose?  What is the change that you want to see in the world?  Neither will your audience if you don’t know why you are speaking.  And they won’t care. 

Know your audience. 


Who are you speaking to?  What are their needs, interests, and values?  What outcomes would they want to achieve?  If you don’t know your audience, you miss an opportunity to connect with them.  And they won’t listen if you do not understand your audience’s psychology or what motivates and drives them.  Once you know your audience, you can persuade and influence them more readily.

Know your content.  


Be an expert on your topic.  Do your homework and gather evidence to support your claims.  Your audience will see right through you if you don’t know your stuff.  The more you know about your topic, the more confident you will be and the more credible you will appear.  But don’t be arrogant.  Nobody likes a know-it-all. 

Choose the right style.  


Speak with passion and conviction, and at the same time, adapt to a style that suits you, the topic, and the audience.  Some occasions require you to be energetic and humourous, while others require you to be somber.  Use vivid language and imagery to capture your audience’s attention.  Tell stories and anecdotes to make your points more memorable.  But don’t be too dramatic.  Nobody likes a drama queen.  

Get feedback.  


After speaking, ask for feedback from friends, colleagues, and family members.  What did they like?  What didn’t they like?  Use this feedback to improve your following speech.  But don’t take it personally.  Nobody’s perfect.  If you have no input from anyone after you speak, you shall have no idea what they liked or didn’t like about your speech.

Be yourself.  


Don’t try to be someone you’re not.  The audience can tell when you’re being fake.  Just be yourself and speak from the heart.   That’s the best way to connect with your audience and generate resonance. 

These are some principles that have inspired millions of people throughout history. If you follow these principles, you can generate resonance, inspire others, and change the world.


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c.j. is a bilingual sales facilitator and coach in English and Mandarin and has rolled out coaching projects throughout the Asia Pacific region.  He is the IAC Singapore Chapter Leader and an ICF Professional Certified Coach.  c.j. is accredited in various assessment tools such as the Cultural Navigator, TTI DISC, OD-Tools Trait Map and Motivation Questionnaire, Belbin Team Roles, etc..   He is the co-creator of Sales-MapTM sales proficiency assessment and author of the book "Winning the B2B Sale in China"

c.j.是一名精通英语和普通话的双语销售导师和共享领导团队教练,并在整个亚太地区进行过各个方面的销售团队教练项目。 他是IAC新加坡分会的负责人,也是ICF专业认证教练。c.j.获得了各种评估工具的认证,如文化导航仪、TTI DISC、OD-Tools特质图与激励问卷、贝尔宾团队角色等。  他是Sales-MapTM 销售能力评估的共同创造者,也是《中国式B2B销售宝典》一书的作者。