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Ethan Wang 王元永
Ethan is a leader who inspires and empowers others. He was the VP of Sales for Tenneco, a global leader in clean air and ride performance solutions. He managed sales across three strategic business units with a total revenue of $980 million. He created and executed sales and marketing strategies that matched the needs and preferences of different segments and regions.
Ethan是一位能够激励和赋 能他人的领导者。他曾担任 Tenneco的销售副总 裁,Tenneco是一家全球 领先的清洁空气和行驶性能解决 方案提供商。他管理了三个战略 业务部门,总收入达9.8亿美 元。他制定并执行了符合不同细 分市场和地区需求和偏好的销售 和营销策略。

Ethan was the APAC Director of Mergers and Acquisitions for Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the world�s toughest challenges. He built an acquisition pipeline worth $2.63 billion with 4 projects in the non-binding stage worth $700 million. He worked with CEOs and board members across geographic regions and cultures to identify, evaluate, and negotiate potential deals.
Ethan曾担任 Honeywell的亚太区并 购总监,Honeywell是 一家发明和制造用于应对世界上 最艰难挑战的技术的财富100 强公司。他建立了一个价值 26.3亿美元的收购项目管 道,其中有4个项目处于非约束 性阶段,价值7亿美元。他与不 同地区和文化的CEO和董事会 成员合作,识别、评估和谈判潜 在的交易。

Eaton Corporation selected Ethan for its prestigious Global Leadership Development Program after graduating with honors from the University of South Carolina�s International MBA. He rotated between functional roles in Strategy, Marketing, Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chain, Finance, and Sales Leadership. He gained global management experience from working in the United States, China, India, S. Korea, Thailand, and Australia.
Ethan在南卡罗来纳大学国 际MBA荣誉毕业后,被 Eaton公司选中参加其享有 盛誉的全球领导力发展计划。他 在战略、营销、制造运营、供应 链、财务和销售领导等职能角色 之间轮换。他通过在美国、中 国、印度、韩国、泰国和澳大利 亚等地工作,获得了全球管理经 验。

Ethan was a Peace Corps volunteer stationed in the Republic of Moldova between 2002-2005. He co-founded a regional youth resource center that impacted 40,000 youth to live better lives through enhanced skill sets.
Ethan曾是 2002-2005年驻摩尔多 瓦共和国的和平队志愿者。他共 同创立了一个地区性青年资源中 心,影响了4万名青年,通过提 高技能水平,让他们过上更好的 生活。
Lead with Why

Half-Day Chinese Face-to-Face Workshop  半天中文线下工作坊

                                                            in a Tough
                                                            Economy using

Introduction  概述

Leadership is not about titles or a position. It is a choice. A choice to look after the people around us. A choice to serve a cause bigger than ourselves. A choice to inspire others to join us in our vision
领导力不是头衔或地位。它是一种选择。一种照顾我们周围的人 的选择。一种为了比我们自己更大的事业而服 务的选择。一种激励他人与我们同心同德的选 择。

Leaders who make this choice have the right values, commitment, and attitude. They are driven by a sense of purpose, not by a desire for status. They are dedicated to helping others, not to pleasing themselves. And they are optimistic about the future, not cynical about the present.
做出这种选择的领袖,有着正确的价值观,坚定的 承诺,和积极的态度。他们是为了一个理想而奋 斗,不是为了一个名分而争夺。他们是为了帮助别 人,不是为了取悦自己。他们是对未来充满信心, 不是对现在嘲讽不屑。

We live in a world that is changing faster than ever before. We face problems that are bigger than any one of us can solve alone. We need leaders who can bring us together and lead us forward. Leaders do what is right, even when it is hard or unpopular. They earn the trust and respect of their followers. They see challenges as opportunities and failures as lessons and encourage their followers to be positive and resilient.
我们生活在一个变化快得前所未有的世界。我们面 对的问题比任何一个人都大。我们需要能够团结我 们并带领我们前进的领导者。领导者做正确的事, 即使很困难或不受欢迎。他们赢得他们的追随者的 信任和尊重。他们把挑战看作机会,把失败看作教 训,并鼓励他们的追随者保持积极和坚韧。

Hence, as a leader, you will need to ask yourself:

  • Why do you want to be a leader?
  • Why do your followers want to be led by you?
  • How do you get everyone to achieve outstanding results?
Agenda 议程

Check-in: How did you become a leader?
签到: 你是如何成为领导?
 Why do you want to be a Leader?
  • What impacts or legacies do you want to achieve?
  • What are important to you?
Why do your followers want to be led by you?
  • What makes your team want to work with you?
    是什么让你的团队愿意与你共 事?
  • What are important to them?

How do you get everyone to achieve outstanding results?

  • How do you get work done through your people?
    你是如何通过你的团队完成任 务?
  • How do you inspire or motivate them?
Reflections and Action Planning

Resource Downloads

Or something to feed your soul  或 以下精神粮食:

人才: 是为我所用, 还是共创价值?
如 何让你的故事感动你的观众
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