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Time flies so fast, today is the last day of the first half year of 2016.  It was veeeeeeery exciting 6 months for us.

If you have missed our Digital Bites seminar co-hosted with Google Partners on June 7, here is my presentation:

You may also view some of the pictures on

We have so many exciting seminars and classes lined up in the second half of 2016.  If I have not counted correctly, there are at least 17 events!!!  Here are some highlight:

2016-07-14 Wiser:Creating Success in the Digital Age
2016-07-21 香港青年協會:以社交媒體進行病毒行銷
2016-08-24 香港零售管理協會:提升E-SALES冇難度

Design Thinking
實戰講座 [co-organized with HKSTP]
Challenging Your Thoughts, Advancing Business Seminars with MAC LEUNG

Mac Leung has been an inspiring trainer in the space of Design Thinking as he has a rich background in product design and corporate management.  We are exciting to cooperate with him again this year together with the support of Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks to promote innovation and creativity.  Don't miss this opportunity to get inspired.

講座 1 : Product Design 產品設計思考

講座 2. Marketing 市場營銷思考 (12 Aug 2016) 按此報名

講座 3. Service Design 顧客服務設計思考 (9 Sep 2016) 按此報名

講座 4. Management 企業管理思考 (21 Oct 2016) 按此報名


解救 Mobile Age 迷思講座 [co-organized with HKSTP]
Smarter Digital Marketing Seminars with MATTHEW KWAN

講座 1 : 數碼營銷至「$低」功略  How can we further LOWER the cost of online advertising?

講座 2.贏在搜尋器最前線! [13 Sept, 2016] 
Showing your product, your brand and your company on FIRST page of search results  按此報名

講座 3. 網上「賺盡」方程式! [18 Oct, 2016] 
Formula of earning MORE money from Online Business ] 按此報名

講座 4. 社交媒體生意秘笈 [17 Nov, 2016] 
Why can’t we get more sales through Social Media Marketing?  按此報名

I look forward to connecting with you soon again!

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