HR Challenge in High Mobility of Workforce

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HR Challenge in High Mobility of Workforce

You are not alone! Many HR professionals in various industries e.g. Retail, F&B, Hospitality and Construction are facing same demanding challenges. Let’s share the experience and ideas on how to work smarter.


A Balancing Act: Complexity vs. Flexibility

In recent years, there is a shortage of manpower. Many companies have increased the number of part-time employees for seasonal demand fluctuations or temporary employees for project-based jobs. The working hours of Part-time employees with continuous employment contracts should be calculated carefully. If their working hours reached the "418" policy, they are entitled to additional statutory benefits with complex calculation.


Optimize Manpower with Right Tool

The number of front-line positions has increased rapidly. Scheduling workforce is very time-consuming and overstaffed /understaffed business may impact productivity. It is common that a staff with multiple hats and works in different locations. These make HR difficult to control labour cost and monitor staff attendance. Right tool to manage workforce, oversee available manpower and align staffing requirement is vital. How do you track hours worked so you know when to pay overtime?


Mitigate Risk on Workplace Compliance

Wage and hour compliance is complex in some industries. Relevant Statutory Entitlements (EO713) became effective on 13 July 2007. Meeting compliance requirement isn’t getting any easier, especially in calculating average wages for commission based, non-monthly rated and part-time employees. It is important to clearly record for the attendance of periods and wages to be disregarded. These create an ongoing workforce compliance challenge.


Improving HR Efficiency

With intense market competition, companies are looking for ways of differentiating themselves and striving for enhancement of competitive advantage pro-actively. To this end, the art of managing people at all levels plays a pivotal role and an advanced management platform enables smart decision making for business growth.

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