The Poet for the Modern Age

Vol: 163 | 1 Nov 2016

Celebrate modern poetry set to music by Bob Dylan,
savor memorable exposures in wedding performances,
and have you ever played Schubert-era fortepianos?

Musical Giants of
the 20th Century
Muses and Musings
Fur Elise, Therese
or Gigons?
An Artist
at the Opera
Marc Chagall
Bratislava Music Festival
Organized by the Slovak Philharmonic, the festival first took place in 1965 with regular annual editions being held since 1971. Being a major Slovak musical offering, the event was originally intended as a platform for contemporary music. Today, it presents a wide variety of music with particular focus on Slovak classical repertoires...
Date: November 18 to December 4, 2016
Country: Slovakia
What's New
The Poet for the Modern Age It’s Wedding Season Again
Some Exposure
When the Nobel Prize for Literature was given out in 2016, music to everyone’s surprise, it went to a writer who was not only known all over the world but also was given to someone for whom almost everyone probably knew the words...
A ‘destination’ wedding sounds like a terrific idea for romance and adventure but it can cause snafus for musicians. My friend Diane’s string quartet was booked to play at the historic lodge Stouts on an island in Wisconsin—a gorgeous location. The quartet negotiated their usual fee. Sadly a few essential details were overlooked...
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Pianos, old and new Composers and their Poets
Schubert II
Some years ago I heard two performances of Chopin’s Piano Sonata No. 3 in the same day: the first was on an 1848 Pleyel from the Cobbe Collection at Hatchlands, UK, a piano said to have been used by Chopin when he visited England in 1848...
After the simple joys and fatal ending of Die schöne Müllerin, the feeling of Winterreise comes as an interesting change. This time, Schubert set all 24 of the verses written by Wilhelm Müller. The cycle was first published in 1823 by Müller as part of his poetry collection...
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My music Video Forgotten records

Gregson: Time

Cantique de Jean Racineem>
Op. 11

Divertimento in D major
K. 136

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