Hallelujah! Orchestrating a Financial Portfolio

Vol: 166 | 15 Dec 2016

Discover the mysteries of the sustain pedal,
join in the Afro-Caribbean snake dance rite,
and meet with Ethel Smyth’s best friend.

Music and
the Arts
Debussy’s Late
Orchestral Works
Musical Giants of
the 20th Century
The Art of Lieder
(Female Interpreters)
Composers and
their Poets
Schumann I
Hong Kong International Chamber Music Festival
The HKICMF was first launched in 2009 by Premiere Performances of Hong Kong. As a registered charity, The PPHK is designed to contribute to the cultural diversity of the city by organizing concerts and recitals of classical music with high international standards...
Date: January 19 to 25, 2017
Country: China
What's New
Mysteries of the Sustain Pedal The Snake of Redemption
Pedalling is an aspect of piano technique which is frequently misunderstood and abused. Ask a junior student what the right hand pedal is for and they will invariably reply “to make the piano louder”. The right hand pedal is often wrongly called “the loud pedal”, or is regarded as an “on-off switch”...
The Mexican composer Silvestre Revueltas (1899-1940) studied at the National Conservatory of Music in Mexico City and completed his musical education with the greatest distinction at the Chicago College of Music. He was known for his conducting and composition skills and he used those to promote modern music in his home country...
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A Girl’s Best Friend
Ethel Smyth and Marco
Movers and Shakers of Music World
Hallelujah! Orchestrating a Financial Portfolio
Ethel Smyth was born in April 1858 in Kent. Her father was in the military, and absolutely opposed to his daughter making a career in music. But Ethel would not be intimidated from pursuing her dreams. She studied privately in Britain for a while, but then decided to move to Leipzig to attend the Leipzig Conservatory...
We all know that George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) was one of the all-time great composers. But did you know that he was also a big-time impresario who took exceedingly high risks and was not afraid to put his own money on the line? More than once in his entrepreneurial adventuring he was at the brink of total financial ruin!
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My music Video Forgotten records

Lieder, Volume 1, Op. 2:
No. 6. Um Mitternacht

Rückert Lieder


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