Tallis is dead, and Music dies!

Vol: 171 | 1 Mar 2017

Discover delightful works by Charles-Marie Widor,
reminisce precious annotation on scores,
and play for progress for the global communities.

Classical Music Moments in Movies
Combination of music
and imagery
Composers and
their Poets
Hector Berlioz
Popularizing Music
Outstanding Classical
Crossover Artists II
Tongyeong International Music Festival
First established in 2002, the event was a concept derived from Tongyeong Contemporary Music Festival. Located at southern coastal region of the country, the festival is gradually transforming the small Korean fishing town into a culturally rich city that embraces world music and contributes to world’s cultural exchange...
Date: March 31 to April 9, 2017
Country: Korea
What's New
Muses and Musings
William Byrd: Tallis is dead, and Music dies!
Playing for Progress
In Touch with Alyson Frazier
Gruesome inevitability aside, death has inspired some of the most beautiful and most personal human artistic expressions. Take for example the haunting lament Ye sacred muses, composed by William Byrd in 1585. Byrd touchingly captures the esteem and veneration he held for his teacher and colleague Thomas Tallis...
2016 has certainly seen more crises than most years. But while the attention of the general public and the media tends to move quickly from one disaster to the next, many of those crises remain far from resolved. One of the most severe is surely the migrant crisis...
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The Writings on the Score Charles-Marie Widor beyond the Organ
Men in charge
As musicians our musical scores are very personal to us, and the markings and annotations we make on our scores can be deeply associated with memories – of significant teachers, special concerts and venues, colleagues and friends, and may even correspond to certain periods in our lives...
Charles-Marie Widor’s 10 organ symphonies, inspired by the magnificent Cavaillé-Coll organ at Saint-Sulpice in Paris revolutionized the art of organ playing and composition in France. However, the composer also left behind a substantial number of meticulously crafted compositions for a variety of instrumental and vocal combinations...
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My music Video Forgotten records

Chansonnette, Op. 22

Itzhak Perlman
plays klezmer

Quartet No. 12
in E flat major

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