What are the Three C’s?

Vol: 172 | 15 Mar 2017

Enjoy the gypsy flavor of Tzigane,
meet with the Eagle of the Impresarios,
and share the love of folksong
with Emma and Zoltán.

Composers and
their Poets
Gerald Finzi
Munch, Ibsen
and Grieg
The Expressionistic
Pioneers of the
Japanese Art Song
Hakushū Kitahara and
Kosaku Yamada
Budapest Spring Festival
Established in 1980, the event is one of Hungary’s most prominent cultural festival that attracts music and art enthusiasts from all around the world every year. Since its first inception, the festival has featured a diverse series of programmes, covering orchestral concerts, chamber evenings, church concerts, opera performances, musicals, folk dance, exhibitions and more...
Date: March 31 to April 23, 2017
Country: Hungary
What's New
The Three C’s: Confidence
Commitment Concentration
Muses and Musings
Tzigane: Maurice and Jelly
“Confidence Commitment Concentration” is a mantra my husband regularly repeats in relation to his cycling. In his world – and that of other sportspeople – Confidence is a key factor in propelling one down that vertiginous mountain track or round the running circuit...
She was the great-niece of the influential violin virtuoso Joseph Joachim and had a decidedly psychic disposition! Her exotic and colorful name was Jelly d’Aranyi, and during a séance in 1933 Robert Schumann told her to premiere his “long-lost” violin concerto...
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Two Hearts, One Soul
Zoltán Kodály and Emma Gruber
Bartolomeo Merelli
Eagle of the Impresarios
The most important and influential address for artistic matters at the turn of the 20th century Budapest was the salon of Emma Gruber. Mrs. Gruber was born Emma Schlesinger in the southern Hungarian town of Baja, daughter of wealthy merchants. To conceal their Jewish origins, the family changed their name to Sándor...
Bartolomeo Merelli (1794–1879) earned the sobriquet ‘Eagle of the Impresarios’ for his skill, vision and refined taste. Unlike his competitors, Merelli was an accomplished musical scholar and librettist, and his name is indelibly tied to that of the greatest Italian opera composer, Giuseppe Verdi...
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My music Video Forgotten records

String Quintet No. 26
in C Minor, Op. 67

The Fifth Element
Lucia di Lammermoor

Concerto for piano and orchestra in D minor

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