Les Apaches on the Loose!

Vol: 176 | 15 May 2017

Meet with our new contributor Serenade Magazine,
explore the world of French chanson with Chausson,
and discover cellists stars in movies.

Musical Giants of
the 20th Century
Classical Ensembles
The Interplay of
Art, Music and Dance
Edvard Munch and
Jasper Johns
A Symphony Orchestra
in Bombay
History of Orchestra
in Mumbai
Dresdner Musikfestspiele
With more than 30 years of history since its first inception in 1978, the event has now established itself as a distinctive cultural institution in Dresden. Seated on the River Elbe, it is an annual two-week musical gala featuring world acclaimed concerts taking place in Dresden’s historical architectures. From classical, early period, contemporary, world music, jazz and dance, each edition is themed upon a particular genre...
Date: May 18 to June 18, 2017
Country: Germany
What's New
Composers and their Poets
Ernest Chausson
Les Apaches on the Loose!
French composer Ernest Chausson (1855-1899) whose early death in a bicycle accident cut short a career just as it was beginning to flourish. His position as secretary of the Société Nationale de Musique for 13 years put him at the centre of France’s active music networks...
The Socété des Apaches formed around 1900 around the pianist Ricardo Viñes and included composers such as Ravel, de Falla, Florent Schmitt, and Stravinsky. Writers included the music critics Michel-Dimitri Calvocoressi and Émile Vuillermoz, and the poets Léon-Paul Fargue and Tristan Klingsor...
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Rewriting Artist Biographies Cellos and Cellists Star IN the Movies
Another concert programme, another artist biography comprising a dry list of eminent teachers and mentors, concert halls performed in, orchestras and conductors worked with, recordings made and “forthcoming engagements include”. All standard information: exchange the names and the impersonal text...
When I mention that I play the cello, people say, “The cello is my favorite instrument.” Hollywood has picked up on that sentiment. No longer merely the provider of soulful background music, although it is not yet an Oscar category, the cello or cellists play leading roles in several movies...
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My music Video Forgotten records

Souvenirs de voyage
II. Berceuse: Andante

Suor Angelica
(Ermonela Jaho,
The Royal Opera)

Concerto in C major
for violin and orchestra

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