Cows, 8 Different Ones

Vol: 177 | 1 June 2017

Listen to the cow calls over the years,
discover the mystical waves of Ondes Martenot,
and what did Brahms “write” for his doctoral thesis?

Musical Giants of
the 20th Century
to the Rescue!
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Try a little
“in the moment”
Schubertiade Schwarzenberg (June)
Dedicated to the famous Viennese composer, Franz Schubert, the first Schubertiade was founded in 1976 by Hermann Prey in a small peaceful town in the western part of Austria called Hohenems. Schubertiade hosts four outstanding events annually (two in Schwarzenberg and two in Hohenems) that preserve intimacy and are constantly focused on mastering the impossible...
Date: June 17 to 25, 2017
Country: Austria
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Cows – 8 Different Ones Ondes Martenot: Mystical Waves
When Darius Milhaud immortalized his favorite Brazilian tavern in a brilliant ballet work, Le Boeuf sur le toit, he was joining in a long line of composers who brought the common cow into music. To take a look at the cow in music over a range of years, we can start with a song from the 13th century Codex Buranus...
The history of early electronic musical instruments is filled with evocative and colorful names. We find the Telharmonium (1897), Theremin (1919), Spharophon (1924), Electronde (1933), Trautonium (1930), Mellertion (1933), and the Ondes Martenot (1928)...
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Johannes Brahms: Doctor of Philosophy (Hon. Causa) A little night music – the piano Nocturne
Johannes Brahms never formally went to university, and his engagement with higher education was rather peripheral. Around age 20, Joseph Joachim invited him to Göttingen, where the violinist was taking summer courses in philosophy and history. Brahms accepted the invite, and for two months he became part of the student crowd...
The term “Nocturne” or “Notturno” (Italian) was first applied in the eighteenth century to pieces written for string ensemble to be performed at an evening party and then put aside. At this time, it was not necessarily a piece evocative of night-time but simply music to be played in the evening...
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6 Gesänge, Op. 89
II. Heimliches Verschwinden

Olivier Messiaen:
Feuillets inédits No. 4

Der Wind

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