Mapping the Musical Genome

Vol: 188 | 15 November 2017

Meet the legendary Bach family,
enjoy lullaby in Western art music,
and did Tchaikovsky feel proud
of his 1812 Overture?

At the Center of
the Musical Universe
Ludwig van Beethoven
A passionate pursuit
The musician’s mastery
Martin Luther
And the Impact of the
Reformation on Architecture,
Art and Music
Lucerne Festival at the Piano
The prestigious Lucerne Festival had first begun in 1938 in the gardens facing Richard Wagner’s villa in Tribschen. Its first season had featured the legendary Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini conducting an élite orchestra specially assembled for the occasion. Located in the picturesque and historic Old Town of Lucerne, the festival holds three signature events every year – Lucerne Festival at the Piano, at Easter and in Summer...
Date: November 18 to 26, 2017
Country: Switzerland
What's New
Mapping the Musical Genome
The Bach Family
Forgotten Quartets
Quatuor Capet (1893-1928)
Johann Sebastian Bach was part of an extensive Saxon-Thuringian family that produced an unparalleled and almost incalculable number of musicians. From fiddlers and town musicians to organists, from Kantors, court musicians and Kapellmeisters, member of the Bach family extensively populated the musical landscape from the 16th to the 19th century...
The artistic destinies of those who lived through the cultural ferment in France between 1870-1939, form an interlocking web of cross- influences and political intrigue which can be difficult for the historian to unravel. Music – an evanescent art – left few traces prior to the development of player pianos and recording technology around 1910...
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Works Disliked By Their Composers!
Part II
Rock-A-Bye Baby I
The Lullaby in Western Art Music
In the spring of 1892, pianist and composer Sergei Rachmaninoff graduated from the Moscow Conservatory. He began his professional career by writing the immortal C-sharp minor Prelude for solo piano. Unfortunately, when the prelude was published the following year, he was only paid forty rubles for it...
Medical research has clearly shown that infants are active listeners! Their attention is selectively drawn to particular musical genres, and to particular performing styles associated with maternal singing. Regardless of culture and living environment, infants reveal a clear preference for the universal musical form of the lullaby...
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Fiori di ghiaccio

Kunst der Fuge

String Quartet No.15
in A minor, Op.132

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