The Lighter Side of Music

Vol: 190 | 15 December 2017

Enjoy the Parisian café-concert,
discover classical music in
Walt Disney’s cartoons,
and how to recover gracefully?

Mapping the
Musical Genome
The Mozart Family
Of audiences, performers
and concert venues
Silly Symphonies,
Loony Tunes,
and Merrie Melodies
Valletta International
Baroque Festival

Built by the Knights of St John after the Great Siege of 1565, Valletta has since become an important cultural city in Malta. To celebrate the city’s special baroque identity, the first edition of the festival has been conceived to be held in 2013. Music gems and operatic works by J.S. Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Corelli and many more...
Date: January 13 to 27, 2018
Country: Malta
What's New
Ring Bells! Sing Songs!
The Musical III
Classical Music
in Animation I
The post WWII era saw more social topics being taken up in the musical such as social injustice, union-busting, and racism, it also saw the introduction of international settings that were normal rather than fantastical. In 1950, Irving Berlin made his 19th appearance on Broadway with Call Me Madam...
Early in his animation career, Walt Disney discovered the importance of using music in his cartoons – his first animation with his new character, Mickey Mouse, was also the first animation to have synchronized sound. The steamboat chugs, Mickey sings, the whistles toot, and we’re caught up in the world of Mickey...
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How to recover gracefully The Lighter Side of Music
French Cabaret
I was at a performance of Mahler’s Fourth Symphony the other night and when we came to the final movement, things were a bit odd. The soprano walked out while the orchestra was playing, sort of stood around for a while, sat down, stood up to sing, sat down in the middle, and then walked off before the final verse...
If you were looking for dinner and a song during the Second Empire in France—basically during the reign of Napoleon III from 1852-1870—the Parisian café-concert was the place to be. Providing a combination of food and entertainment that included strolling performers singing drinking songs, it became the people’s opera...
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My music Video Forgotten records

Piano Concerto No. 1
I. Allegro

String Quintet
in C, K. 515


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