108 Desires of Purcell

Vol: 192 | 15 January 2018

Meet the forgotten cellists,
unravel the influential Franco-Belgian
violin and organ schools,
and what do musicians do all day?

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George Frideric Handel
Mozartwoche –
Mozarteum Salzburg

Since January 1956 the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation has invited visitors from all around the world to explore the cultivation and dissemination of Mozart’s musical heritage. The prolific composer of the classical era is celebrated every year around the time of his birthday in Salzburg...
Date: January 26 to February 4, 2018
Country: Austria
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108 Desires of Purcell What do musicians do all day?
In his opera King Arthur, the third act starts with a dramatic scene – Emmeline meets Oswald, who is ardently wooing her, but she’s frozen IN terror. Oswald, showing off, whips out his magic wand changes the entirety of England to a country of cold and ice. Cupid wakes the Cold Genius who, singing in his own frozen voice, complains about being awakened...
“What do you actually do?” and “What is your day job?” are all-too familiar questions to musicians. People are also endlessly fascinated about practising – “so how much practising do you actually do?” – and imagine we spend most of our days closeted inside grim practise rooms, cut off from the real world...
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Forgotten Cellists I
Leonard Rose
Unravelling the influential Franco-Belgian
violin and organ schools II
The cello has blossomed over the last one-hundred years to become one of the most sought after of instruments, to play and to listen to—its golden tones the closest sound to the human voice. One of our previous articles: The Musical Giants of the 20th Century, include unforgettable cellists Casals, Feuerman, Rostropovich, Starker...
The early core of the Paris Conservatoire violin faculty gradually came together between 1795-1802, as a result of spontaneous cooperation between Italian freemasons Giovanni Viotti and Luigi Cherubini (1760-1842), their French pupils, freemasons Pierre Baillot, Jean-François Tiby, and their friend Rudolph Kreutzer...
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Pezzo elegiac

Natalie Dessay
Lucia di Lammermoor
“Il dolce suono”

Toccata, Adagio and
Fugue in C Major

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