Life on the Road

Vol: 195 | 1 March 2018

Enjoy a different story of Bruno Monsaingeon,
visit the vibrant Tonhalle Maag in Zürich,
and who’s the first woman cellist to play at Carnegie Hall?

Musical Voices of
WWI (1914-18)
Ravel, Berg, and
Women’s Orchestras
And Women
in Orchestras
At the Center of the
Musical Universe
Vincenzo Bellini
Lucerne Festival at Easter
The prestigious Lucerne Festival had first begun in 1938 in the gardens facing Richard Wagner’s villa in Tribschen. Its first season had featured the legendary Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini conducting an élite orchestra specially assembled for the occasion. Located at the picturesque and historic Old Town of Lucerne, the festival holds three signature events every year- Lucerne Festival at the Piano, at Easter and in Summer...
Date: March 17 to 25, 2018
Country: Switzerland
What's New
Life on the Road II When a factory becomes a concert hall
All ready to go! Heloise (singer) and I are meeting at Euston station to take the train to Glasgow, where we’ll be meeting Anne and Marianne (harp and double bass), who are driving from Reading with the big instruments. 5 hours later, and... we’re in Glasgow!
Since Zürich’s crown jewel Tonhalle Orchester’s resident hall Tonhalle was closed in 2017 for a three-year refurbishment where a new organ manufactured by Orgelbau Kuhn will be added, the orchestra came to Tonhalle Maag for rescue. Built from a former factory...
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A Different Story than Film
Bruno Monsaingeon’s Books and Performances
Forgotten Cellists VII
Beatrice Harrison
Only two of Bruno Monsaingeon’s books came from his films, the 6 others are all independent productions. The two books, Mademoiselle and Richterem>, had very different sources of generation. For Mademoiselle, Monsaingeon had Nadia Boulanger as his subject...
Beatrice Harrison (1892-1965), our next featured cellist, lived when the cello was beginning to flourish, one of the most sought after of instruments—its golden tones the closest sound to the human voice. Harrison was the leading British cellist of her day— the first woman cellist to play at Carnegie Hall...
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My music Video Forgotten records

The First Tears

Suite for Cello Solo
by Janos Starker

Ballad No. 2
in F Major

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