In Celebration of the Piano in Chamber Music

Vol: 196 | 15 March 2018

Discover unknown cantata in Ton Koopman’s library,
meet with women composers on modern music,
and how can one get to Royal Albert Hall?

Women on the
Marin Alsop, JoAnn
Falletta and more
The Last Best Patron
Elizabeth Sprague
In Celebration of
Piano in Chamber Music
Brand New Festival
and Competition
Budapest Spring Festival
Established in 1980, the event is one of Hungary’s most prominent cultural festival that attracts music and art enthusiasts from all around the world every year. Since its first inception, the festival has featured a diverse series of programmes, covering orchestral concerts, chamber evenings, church concerts, opera performances, musicals, folk dance, exhibitions and more...
Date: March 30 to April 22, 2018
Country: Hungary
What's New
Placing Music in Context
An Interview with Ton Koopman
In Awe of the Verbier
Festival Orchestras
Ton Koopman will be coming to China and Hong Kong in May for 4 concerts that reflect many aspects of his career. His first two concerts, 20 May in Guangzhou and 25 May in Shanghai, are solid 18th century masterpieces and the last two concerts, 27 May in Bejing and 29 May in Hong Kong, represent the sadness and light of music...
“Listen to Awesomeness” is a contemporary jargon used to market products related to focused listening – from audiobooks to earphones to DJs streaming music online. Even though the expression rarely exists in the classical music arena, it aptly reflects my tribute to the Verbier Festival Orchestras...
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Composers of the World Forgotten Cellists IX
Hideo Saito
In time for Women’s History Month, we should consider the women composers in our world. Hmmm. None come to mind? Expand your thoughts, think of bigger concepts. Think international. Chihchun Chi-sun Lee is a Taiwanese composer who studied in Taiwan and the US and is currently professor of composition at Ewha Womans University...
Western music flourishes in Japan in the early twentieth century, mainly due to the influence of Hideo Saito, who performed and conducted to the end of his days. Hideo Saito is considered one of Japan’s greatest music teachers. Hideo, born in Tokyo in 1902, was one of eight children of a prominent English literature professor...
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My music Video Forgotten records


Variations on a theme
from Bellini’s “I Capuleti”

Suite for Orchestra
No. 1 in C major

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