When Fame Brings Forth Art

Vol: 199 | 1 May 2018

Meet with the musical Stamitz family,
enjoy the “unplayable” Lyric Suite by Berg,
and have you ever heard of Million-Dollar Trio?

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Chamber Music for
Body and Soul
Schools of Influence
Russian, French,
or English?
Salon Culture in
St. Petersburg
God Save
the Tsar
Le French May Arts Festival
Ever since its inception in 1993, Le French May has staged numerous events of the highest international caliber and is now one of the largest French arts festivals in Asia. It offers audiences a rich cornucopia of French culture, covering a broad array of artistic disciplines including visual arts, classical and contemporary music, dance, multi-arts performance and cinema...
Date: May 1 to June 30, 2018
Country: China
What's New
Piano Trios
When Fame Brings Forth Art
Mapping the Musical Genome
The Stamitz Family
At first piano trios were groups that got together and then just as quickly disbanded. In 1906, however, one of the first ‘name’ trios got together, consisting of pianist Alfred Cortot, violinist Jacques Thibaud, and Pablo Casals on cello. The ‘Cortot-Thibaud-Casals Trio’ made everyone reconsider the old truism that soloists make terrible ensemble players...
The family originally hailed from Maribor, and Martin Stamitz immigrated to the town of Pardubice in the mid-17th century. His son Antonin was appointed organist and choirmaster in Německý Brod, and the first of his 11 children to survive was Johann Stamitz (1717-1757)...
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Forgotten Quartets
The Galimir String Quartet of Vienna
Forgotten Cellists
Bernard Greenhouse
Civilization survived the exuberant nationalism of World War I (1914-1918), bruised but still intact. Weapons technology did not yet match military ambition, and civilians were spared. Artistic communities shrank, yet cultural life flourished in major cities. Pupils enjoyed adequate educational infrastructure...
The acclaimed Beaux Arts Trio toured worldwide for nearly five decades, but you may not know their founding member, the magnificent cellist Bernard Greenhouse. I first heard him play in a performance with the Bach Aria Group. His luscious sound and contemplative music-making mesmerized me. I vowed as a young cellist to make a sound like that!
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Piano Trio in B-flat
Heifetz – Piatigorsky – Rubinstein

Quintet in F minor for
piano and strings

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