Simple and Plain

Vol: 201 | 1 Jun 2018

Stimulate the musical imagination with Frances,
meet the towering figures of the 19th century,
and how simple is Britten’s Simple Symphony?

Mapping the
Musical Genome
The Scarlatti
The Opera Scene
In China
Brahms on
Trip to Transylvania
with Piano & Violin
Bachfest Leipzig
First held in 1908, the event takes place annually in the city of Leipzig, where Bach worked as the Thomaskantor from 1723 until his death in 1750. Despite the varied themes in each edition, the festival begins with an opening concert conducted by the current serving Thomaskantor and closes with a final concert featuring Bach’s Mass in B minor in the St. Thomas Church as of tradition...
Date: June 8 to 17, 2018
Country: Germany
What's New
Stimulating the Imagination Simple and Plain
As musicians we can and should call upon our imaginations to enable us to create the myriad sounds we desire from our instrument, and to communicate the story or image of the music to the audience. The first teacher I worked with when I returned to the piano as an adult really encouraged the notion of “hearing the sound”...
Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) started composing as a child and, unlike most children, kept careful track of his writings. His early works are the expected piano pieces and songs but also chamber and orchestral attempts. His first major work took those works and transformed them into something...
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Forgotten Quartets
Contemporary Music in Hong Kong
Cellists Klengel and Becker
Towering Figures of the 19th Century
As a concertgoer in Hong Kong and avid listener of contemporary music, I am sometimes disappointed with the programmes of orchestras in Hong Kong. Mahler, Strauss, Wagner… These names, which are part of the so-called “core repertoire” of orchestras, can be easily found. But, how about the others?
Like many other young cellists, I encountered Julius Klengel through his books of Technical Exercises in All Keys and his Daily Exercises. I wanted to play concertos not hours fixated on scales, arpeggios, and bowing exercises. But my father insisted, “How else can you master intonation, bow division, tone production, coordination, and clarity?”
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My music Video Forgotten records

D.760, op. 15

Hymnus für 12 Celli,
op. 57

Trio No. 7 in
E flat major

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