He Had the Kind of Male Beauty

Vol: 206 | 15 Aug 2018

Celebrate the Rarities of Piano Music,
explore the special relationship
between Bach and Glenn Gould,
and how did music typewriter work in 1885?

Schools of
Cello Playing
He Had the Kind of
Male Beauty
Albert Einstein
Mapping the
Musical Genome
The Wagner Family
Schubertiade Schwarzenberg (August)
Dedicated to the famous Viennese composer, Franz Schubert, the first Schubertiade was founded in 1976 by Hermann Prey in a small peaceful town in the western part of Austria called Hohenems. Schubertiade hosts four outstanding events annually (two in Schwarzenberg and two in Hohenems) that preserve intimacy and are constantly focused on mastering the impossible...
Date: August 25 to September 2, 2018
Country: Austria
What's New
Rarities of Piano Music Godowsky: Java Suite
Every summer a rather special piano festival takes place at Schloss vor Husum in the remote North German seaside town of Husum in Schleswig-Holstein. It is not a festival which parades its star performers. Rather, its very remoteness and its special focus on the unknown corners...
The legendary pianist, composer, and pedagogue Leopold Godowsky was a world traveler. He considered “travel not only a way of lifting the creative intellect, but also a philosophical, spiritual enterprise, a way of advancing one’s journey of self-discovery...”
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The Music Typewriter
of Charles Spiro
A special relationship
pianists and their composers
When Joseph Haydn was putting the finishing touches on a symphony during the later stages of his career, he dejectedly wrote. “The piece on which I am now working would have been already finished if it were not that my hand gets tired of setting the notes on paper...
Some pianists choose to focus on a small corner of the vast repertoire, devoting a lifetime to performing and recording the works of only a handful of composers, with whom they feel a particular connection or affection, often revisiting works, in the knowledge that one never plays the same thing twice...
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Hear My Prayer

Piano Concerto
No. 1, Op. 10

Masques et

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