Classical Music for All

Vol: 210 | 15 Oct 2018

Enjoy Les Huguenots in a futuristic setting,
discover the most striking
composition by George Crumb,
and how are bugs portrayed in music?

Pipe Dreams
Symphonic Works
with Organ
Feeding the Muse
Inspired by
Ray Bradbury
Cello Concerto
The Ought to
Wexford Festival Opera
Established in 1951, the Wexford Festival Opera has been one of the world’s most well-known cultural landmarks in Ireland, attracting hundreds of thousands of music lovers around the globe each year. Located at the charming seaside town on Ireland’s southeast coast, the festival offers a serene setting to host world class productions...
Date: October 19 to November 4, 2018
Country: Ireland
What's New
Music and Nature: Bugs Les Huguenots at Bastille Opera
Bugs and music – hmm, not as common as birds, but then when you start to think about it, they start to creep up on you. Probably the first piece of bug music you might have learned was Frank Loesser’s Inchworm, brought to the silver screen in the movie Hans Christian Anderson. The song has always seemed slightly sad...
This was the first time since 1936 that Paris put on Giacomo Meyerbeer’s Les Huguenots, the quintessentially French grand opera. While a popular and influential work since its world premiere in 1836, the enormity of the work, the five-act four-hour plus dimension, and the difficulty of casting make it a challenge for any opera company...
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Composers and Their Poets
George Crumb
Classical Music for All
One of the most striking of George Crumb’s compositions is his 1970 song cycle Ancient Voices of Children. Based on fragments of poetry by Federico García Lorca, this work challenges the singer to extremes of vocalizations, set against an ensemble that spans the world in its inclusion...
When you ask non-classical music lovers why they are not fond of classical music, the most common answers include “I am not intelligent enough to appreciate it”, “I don’t know music theory” and “it’s so boring”. However, does it really take an intellectual to appreciate the beauty of classical music?
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My music Video Forgotten records

Piano Sonata No. 2
in F Minor

(Haochen Zhang)

Spanish Rhapsody,
S. 254

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