Alice in Symphonic Works and Operas

Vol: 216 | 15 Jan 2019

Discover Mozart's masterpieces
through his diaries, and take a musical tour in
Murakami’s Killing Commendatore.

At the Center of
the Musical Universe
Franz Schubert
The Mozart Diaries
3 January 1781
Being a Musician
Can Be
A Pain in the Neck
Mozarteum Salzburg

Since January 1956 the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation has invited visitors from all around the world to explore the cultivation and dissemination of Mozart’s musical heritage. The prolific composer of the classical era is celebrated every year around the time of his birthday in Salzburg...
Date: January 24 to February 3, 2019
Country: Austria
What's New
The Inspiration of Imagination
From Mozart to Monk
Murakami’s Killing Commendatore
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the genre-changing 1865 novel by Lewis Carroll, takes us to a world populated by talking animals who pose questions of logic and behave in ways that make 7-year-old Alice question the sanity of it all...
In Haruki Murakami’s many novels, there are always a number of references that will appear: Cats, Ears, Hokkaido, Wells or Deep Holes, Jazz, Classical Music, and so on. In his latest novel, Killing Commendatore, we have music in the very title...
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Prodigy Problems Gioacchino Rossini: “La Cenerentola”
We’ve all seen them on YouTube – the tiny child at the vast piano playing technically and musically advanced repertoire. We marvel at their prowess, their facility and the extraordinary fleetness of their little fingers, as they rattle off Chopin’s most challenging Etudes...
Padua and La Cenerentola, which was created by Rossini in 24 days with a libretto by Ferretti finished in 22 days; they were in a nervous competition and gave us a work of genius. Rossini was then only 24 years old when the opera was given at its prima at the Teatro Valle in Roma...
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Tarantelle pur sang avec
Traversée de la procession

Piano Concerto in G major
(Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli)

Suite Española No. 1

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