Welcome to the Year of the Earth Pig!

Vol: 217 | 1 Feb 2019

Enjoy fairy tales in music,
follow Mozart’s Italian journey,
and who’s that Alberti
in the moving bass line?

And Silence
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to the
Year of the
Earth Pig!
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Chao Kang
Winter Park Bach Festival
The Bach Festival Society of Winter Park was founded in 1935 in commemoration of the 250th birthday anniversary of Johann Sebastian Bach. Not only is it Central Florida’s foremost operating performing arts organization, but also the third-oldest endlessly operating Bach Festival in the United States...
Date: February 10 to March 3, 2019
Country: United States
What's New
The Inspiration of Imagination
Fairy Tales
Signor Alberti’s
Moving Bass Line
They are so familiar, the characters in the fairy tales and we know of their attributes: the loneliness of Cinderella before her triumphal return, the bravery of Little Red Riding Hood, the cleverness of Hansel and Gretel, and so many more. Let’s see who’s made it into music!
Not invented by, but rather named for Domenico Alberti, who used this device extensively in his own keyboard sonatas, the Alberti Bass is a moving figure in the bass or left hand of keyboard music, derived from a three-note chord. It is particularly common in the piano sonatas of Haydn, Mozart, Clementi, Beethoven and Schubert...
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Speaks about Bach's Cello Suites
The Mozart Diaries
26 January 1770: “Misero tu non sei”
As I am sure you already know, Bach’s Suites are the breviary of cellists. So asking one of them if he or she is fond of them would be a bit like asking a priest if he likes the Holy Scriptures. Yet, even though they have all studied them, far fewer of them would dare to take them on in a concert performance...
From the city of Milan, Wolfgang Amadeus wrote to his sister on 26 January 1770, “I rejoice in my heart that you were so well amused at the sledging party you write to me about, and I wish you a thousand opportunities of pleasure, so that you may pass your life merrily. But one thing vexes me...
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Sinfonia concertante
in G Major

Brandenburg Concerto No. 3
(Karl Richter)

Nocturne in F sharp Major
No. 2

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