A Life in Music — Is Playing Well, Enough?

Vol: 219 | 1 Mar 2019

Explore inventive ideas in reaching new audience,
journey to Brahms’ inner emotional world,
and why was Franz Liszt arrested in Istanbul?

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Klara Festival International Brussels Music Festival
Organized by the Flanders Festivals Brussels, which has been an important musical offering embellishing Brussel’s musical scene for over 40 years, Klara Festival is one of the six musical projects being showcased throughout the years. As a distinguished international music festival, the event strives for an original alternative for the performance of classical, romantic, and contemporary music...
Date: March 14 to 28, 2019
Country: Belgium
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A Life in Music
Is Playing Well, Enough?
Brahms and His Late Piano Works
Fantasien Op.116
When I was a young student I sought out the best teachers, practiced many hours, and performed a great deal of repertoire with the ambition to land a position in a major orchestra. I thought playing well would be enough to sustain my career. Looking back, I realize now there are many other qualities necessary to manage a successful life in music...
Johannes Brahms’ (1833-1897) intricate late piano works, from Op.116 to Op.119, were composed from 1892 to 1893 and have been known for their reflective nature, amalgamated with lyricism, desolation and heart-warming moments. Clara Schumann praised them as “a true source of enjoyment, everything, poetry, passion, rapture, intimacy...”
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Franz Liszt Arrested in Istanbul I Just Don’t “Get” Classical Music
A number of historical documents preserve an amusing little anecdote about Franz Liszt’s visit to the Ottoman Empire in 1847. It basically reads as follows: “After a 54-hour long trip from Galatz, Liszt had at last reached Constantinople. Here, he at first experienced an inconvenient surprise: when he introduced himself as the piano virtuoso Liszt, he was arrested.
I keep meeting people who tell me they “just don’t get” classical music. Or that they “don’t understand” classical music and therefore cannot appreciate or enjoy it (an attitude which I think is inculcated early on in school and does nothing to help debunk the notion that classical music is inaccessible, highbrow and for the select highly educated few)...
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Cello Sonata in
C Major, Op. 20

Gregorio Allegri:
(Clare College Choir, Cambridge)

Der Erlkönig,
Op. 13

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