Discover the Sonic Splendor of Pera!

Vol: 221 | 1 Apr 2019

Enjoy recordings of Tiegerman’s pianistic mastery,
journey back to the musical Istanbul,
and are you afraid of Béla Bartók’s music?

The Salon Concert
From 19th Century
to Today
The Nancy Storace
Collaborated by
Salieri and Mozart
Musicians and Artists
Chopin and
Budapest Spring Festival
Established in 1980, the event is one of Hungary’s most prominent cultural festival that attracts music and art enthusiasts from all around the world every year. Since its first inception, the festival has featured a diverse series of programmes, covering orchestral concerts, chamber evenings, church concerts, opera performances, musicals, folk dance, exhibitions and more...
Date: April 5 to 22, 2019
Country: Hungary
What's New
The Sonic Splendor of Pera (Istanbul) Who’s Afraid of Béla Bartók?
Situated on a hill across the Gold Horn from the old city of Istanbul, the Levantine neighborhood of Pera—today known as Beyoğlu/Taksim —transformed into a remarkable cultural district in the second half of the 19th century...
One of my favorite pieces to perform is Hungarian composer Béla Bartók’s Romanian Folk Dances. It is full of infectious rhythms, melancholy melodies, and subtle effects. János Starker performs it in the cello rendition. Notice the strong dance-like accents on the first beat of the bar...
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Ignace Tiegerman
The Lost Legend of Cairo
Brahms and His Late Piano Works
Klavierstücke Op.118
Vladimir Horowitz identified him as the only rival he ever feared, and Ignaz Friedman called him “the greatest talent I ever worked with.” Not to be outdone, Edward Said privately suggested, “Despite later music studies with five eminent pedagogues at The Juilliard School, they didn’t equal Ignace Tiegerman’s pinkie...”
Dedicated to Clara Schumann, Brahms’ Klavierstücke Op.118 were written in 1893 again at Bad Ischl during his summer sojourn and are probably his most well-known opus nowadays. Highly condensed and expressive, this set of work can be seen as a microcosm of his inner emotional world...
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My music Video Forgotten records

Violin Concerto No. 11
in D Major Op. 23

Arturo Márquez:
Danzón No. 2

String Quartet No. 1
“From my Life”

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