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Vol: 222 | 15 Apr 2019

Get in touch with Leonard Slatkin,
discover the alchemy of Symphony Orchestra,
and who are the musicians’ mentors?

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SWR Schwetzinger Festspiele
Founded in 1952, the festival is held annually in the historical town of Schwetzinger in southwestern Germany. Situated in the Schwetzingen Castle, a beautiful 250-year-old palace and park near Heidelberg, concerts are mainly presented in the historic Schlosstheater Schwetzingen...
Date: April 26 to May 25, 2019
Country: Germany
What's New
The Musician’s Mentors The Alchemy of a Symphony Orchestra
While many of us have studied with particular teachers during this journey – teachers who have helped carve the path for us and form us into the musicians we are today – we may encounter or seek out others along the way to offer advice, support, encouragement and honest critique...
What alchemy produces the unique sounds of a symphony orchestra? When approximately 100 musicians play together the resultant fusion reverberates into our souls. The strings form the backbone of the orchestra and are the largest group. Over the centuries the violins, violas, cellos, and double basses have maintained a presence...
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Directing on the Global Stage
An Interview with Leonard Slatkin
The Winner by Technical Knockout
Ignacy Paderewski
At the end of his Asia tour, conductor Leonard Slatkin is coming to Hong Kong to conduct a century’s worth of music: from a work that will be receiving its Southeast Asian premiere to a late 19th-century warhorse. The first half of the concert will be 20th century works by three Americans...
Ignacy Paderewski (1860-1941) was one of the most striking musical celebrities of his time. He combined beautiful and elegant pianism with a magnetic personality and was called “A resurrected Chopin” soon after his debut in Paris. Women were crazy about him and critics praised him without limits...
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12 Variazioni sopra un tema di Schubert, Op. 19

Sinfonia Concertante in
E-flat major, KV 297b

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 3 in C Minor, Op. 37

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