Thou Shall Not Steal

Vol: 229 | 1 Aug 2019

Embark on a trip to the Moon,
enjoy the voice of vibrato,
and who are the ensemble players
in The Wedding at Cana?

Is Classical Music
No, But
You Might Be!
Who Actually
At the Tchaikovsky
A Trip to
the Moon
Apollo 11,
20 July 1969
The International Music Festival Chopin and his Europe
First organized in 2005 by the Fryderyk Chopin Institute, the festival was immediately recognized as a major artistic event. Its main purpose is to present the music of Chopin in a broad cultural context, indicating the varied inspirations of his ingenious style in addition to his relations with other 19th century composers and artists of later generations.
Date: August 14 to September 1, 2019
Country: Poland
What's New
The Voice of Vibrato Musicians and Artists:
Ortiz and Veronese
Vibrato can make you feel more than what is intended. String instruments pronounce it, woodwinds make it felt, brass, well maybe it only slightly works for them, but the human voice excels with applied vibrato. Select and functional vibrato can change the whole tone of a song or a piece of music...
Art historians have been arguing about the identity of the players since the 1670s. A new study in 2017 suggests that the model that Veronese used for the viola da gambist was keyed to the arrival in Venice of the Spanish master of the instrument, Diego Ortiz, chapel master at the Court of Naples...
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Thou Shall Not Steal Piano Competitions
Olympics for Pianists or an Important Part of a Young Musician’s Development?
The more I compose and create, the more I agree with this well-known Picasso quote—or Stravinsky for the same matter, as the ambiguity on the ownership persists. Actually, thanks to Cage and his writings, I have been refining my definition of a composer to: organiser of sounds...
Piano competitions assemble the most prodigious pianists from around the world, whose playing is assessed by a specially appointed jury, usually consisting of piano ‘celebrities’ and acclaimed teachers, the unquestioned authorities on piano playing...
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My music Video Forgotten records

Piano Sextet
in F-Sharp Minor

Nonet in F major Op.31
(Chineke! Orchestra)

Symphony No. 1
in G minor

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