Are Classical Musicians “Stuffy”?

Vol: 230 | 15 Aug 2019

Enjoy Richard Danielpour’s song cycle,
get in touch with Long Yu,
and is music a valueless product?

Musicians and Artists
Farinelli and
Must We
Have Music
With Everything?
Aaron Rosand
Last of a
Musikfest Bremen
Founded in 1990, Musikfest Bremen has been a cultural enrichment in the famous Hanseatic city in northwestern Germany. Apart from regular recitals and concerts, the festival also presents interesting events like the Surprise Festival (Musikfest Surprise), which features some freshly experimental productions and interpretations of familiar classical repertoires.
Date: August 24 to September 14, 2019
Country: Germany
What's New
Are Classical Musicians “Stuffy”? Long Yu: Guardian of the
Orchestral Galaxy
Many people, who are not “in the know” – and even some who are! – regard classical music as elitist and its practitioners as either formal and old-fashioned or pretentious so-and-so’s who have set themselves up as demi-gods...
If the musicians’ world is a game subject to a set of hidden protocols governing the music industry like a Law of Nature, Long Yu must be its top predator thanks to his powerful friends. Untamed, he rules with pride his three orchestras...
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Danielpour’s Talking with Aphrodite
and other works
Is Music a Valueless Product?
In Erica Jong’s 2003 novel Sappho’s Leap, Sappho stands on the edge of the cliff, but now, instead of taking the fatal leap because of her unrequited love for the boatman Phaon, she confronts the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, and rewrites the lost centuries of her history...
The things music has given me and the beauty and pleasure I get from listening to and creating music are beyond almost all other connections in my life. Regardless of what sort of music that comes along, even if I became deaf like Beethoven, music has and always will change and move me...
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João Gilberto:

Piano Sonata No. 2

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