Playing Music Is It for Everyone?

Vol: 231 | 1 Sep 2019

Reminisce precious encounters with the late Jörg Demus,
master the art of stage manner,
and who is the Maharaja of Music?

Playing Music
Is It for Everyone?
A Whale
of a Story
Herman Melville
and Moby Dick
Maharaja of Music
Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar
Dvořák Prague Festival
With an aim to promote the works and live of Antonín Dvořák in Prague and Central Bohemia, the festival has turned both locations into an arena which gathers international artists to perform their interpretations of works by Dvořák.
Date: September 8 to 23, 2019
Country: Czech Republic
What's New
Pianists Behaving Badly My Two Encounters
with Pianist Jörg Demus
Until fairly recently, junior doctors were not taught “bedside manner” at medical school – how to communicate with patients with respect and empathy; likewise, are aspiring concert soloists taught concert etiquette while at conservatoire?
In the history of Western music, there are three great composers of the Vienna School—Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven—whom everyone knows. But whom the three piano maestros of the Vienna School are not something everyone knows as readily...
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Musicians and Artists:
Marie Fel and Maurice Quentin La Tour
Salzburg Festival 2019:
Mozart’s Idomeneo
In 1749, Marie Fel was singing the role of Amélite in Rameau’s Zoroastre, and a revival of that opera in 1756 , with its setting in the Near East may have been the occasion for La Tour’s first portrait of Fel...
American director Peter Sellars, who has taken charge of several productions in Salzburg since 1992, decided to give his Idomeneo the environment and immigration treatment. Oversized discarded plastic containers made up the sets...
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My music Video Forgotten records

Serious Songs 5 : XX Party

Riverdancing Violinists with
Igudesman and Joo

Violin Concerto in A minor

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