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NoClone 2007 was released

I am proud to announce that NoClone 2007 (v4.1.10) was released with two exciting and powerful features that is worthwhile to change its name: NoClone 2007. Let's us illustrate more in this newsletter

1.   Search for similar files / file grouping

True byte-by-byte comparison is not enough? NoClone 2007 is now able to search for similar files like similar image files, MP3 with different tag or Office documents with different version and time stamp. You can adjust the similarity parameter for different purpose.
Sample Result:

2.   Duplicate Email
Don't let duplicate emails bother you and waste space in your email database.
Tip: You can try to eliminate all of them by searching all duplicate email in you personal folder to include inbox, sent, draft!
You can customize your criteria like searching file system!

NoClone version comparison

NoClone 3.2 NoClone 4.0 NoClone 2007 
Number of file scanned Practically about 300,000 Unlimited
(Enterprise edition)
(Enterprise edition)
True byte-by-byte comparison tick.gif tick.gif tick.gif
Content similar files search truncated - requires same file header
 simple fuzzy match - requires same files size
cross.gif Powerful fuzzy match - regardless of file size and file header
Duplicate Outlook email search cross.gif cross.gif tick.gif
Safety measure Protect system folders (Windows/program files)
  • Protect system folders (Windows/program files)
  • Confirm deletion by entering no. of files
  • Protect system folders (Windows/program files)
  • Confirm deletion by entering no. of files
Result sorting tick.gif cross.gif tick.gif
Save/load session tick.gif
(slow for large search)
(improved load/save time)
(improved load/save time)
Export result CSV CSV, XML, XLS CSV, XML, XLS
Smart marker By date, folder, file name, file size, file version (DLL) By date, folder, file name, file size, file name length By date, folder, file name, file size, file name length
Replace duplicate files
by NTFS link / shortcut
cross.gif tick.gif tick.gif
Operating system 95 98 2000[1].gif XP[1].gif 2003[1].gif 
Vista[1].gif(not tested)
 98 2000[1].gif XP[1].gif 2003[1].gif 
Vista[1].gif (not fully tested)
98 2000[1].gif XP[1].gif 2003[1].gif 
Vista[1].gif (compatible)

Searching similar files and email are realtively unique features among other duplicate finders. NoClone 2007 indeed achieves a new milestone in file management industry. With NoClone 2007, more disk space can be recovered. See the difference?
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>> Upgrade to NoClone 2007 or enterprise edition (ignore this if upgraded)

  • (Note: if you buy NoClone 4.0, it's free to upgrade within 1 year maintenance subscription to updates, simply enter your existing reg. code)
  • upgrade from previous enterprise edition to NoClone 4 enterprise will get a complimentary installer CD (worth US$14.9). Please write to after upgrade. Limited offers.

NoClone latest release
NoClone 2007 (v 4.1.10) is released for following bug fixes:
-    Bug fix: preview bugs
-    Bug fix: custom template error
-    Bug fix: Vista installation problem

Reasonable was granted government funding

Reasonable Software House Ltd. is recently granted for Hong Kong government Small Enterpreneur Research Assistance Program (SERAP) fund (interest-free loan), HK$228,000. The government scheme aims at helping company on technology research and development. With the help of this fund, we are developing new product focused on file management especially removal of duplicates in different area.

Most importantly, your support always drive us to improve and develop better software.

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