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Charging Efficiency
Standard 5W Wireless Charging Transmitter provides Normal Charging for most Qi-Enabled devices whereas 10W one provides Fast Charging to Samsung Quick Charge model, its charging efficiency can be over 75% in general.

Smart Mechanical Design
To ensure the Wireless Charging Transmitter and Cell Phone are in place easily so that you don't need to worry about the cell phone is not being charged because of the same is not placed exactly in the centre of the charger. 

Safety Electronic Design
Wireless Charging stops when over voltage, current & overheating, foreign object are
detected to avoid over charging.
Safe-to-Use In Vehicle
Find a design which does not block the windshield or create too many extractions
when you are driving.

Choose a design which is Universal to be used In-Vehicle, Home or Office, so that
you could cover a broader sales channel.

Before Market Design
Choose a design which could make good use of cable harness to hide all the wiring hence 
the Wireless Charger looks more georgeous.

Reliable and Efficient Customer Support
Find a reliable supplier that has been in this industry for awhile with design capability, communication efficiency to stay ahead of the competition instead of creating
something " ALL-alike " and end up you fall into a price war game.

See why Mercedes' Wireless Charger does not work nice with the iPhone X ( by Micah Singleton / The Verge ) 
inCarBite ALL-in-ONE BENTLEY Qi Wireless Charger
for Car & Home Use & SHARK Qi Wireless Car Charger
which put passenger safety first. 

 Sales Contact : sales@inCarBite.com l Media Contact : brand@consultant.com
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