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APPLE continues to lead the Wireless Charging demand, they have already placed a billion wireless charging receiver module from the supplier and one more cell phone market leader follows the same too.

Wireless Charging is becoming more & more popular as you can see restaurants, public transportation, airport, shopping mall start to provide wireless charging platform & also furniture stores start to market the wireless charging furnitures too.  More and more electronics devices have wireless receiver built-in to cater for this huge market. 

It's prime time for the Wireless Charging Integrated Solution for both
Car & Home NOW !

inCarBite TRACK Magnetic Qi Fast Wireless Charger 
( Compatible to Magnet Dash Board Mount, Air Vent, Suction Car Mount )
inCarBite Mini Warrior QC 3.0 Dual USB Fast Car Charger made by Aluminium Alloy
Custom made Phone Case with built-in Metal Arch which is compatible to all inCarBite Magnetic Wireless Car / Home Charger
( Mercedes Benz iPhone Case is not for sale )
Quality In-Vehicle Corporate Gifts Customisation
inCarBite Magnetic Dash Board / Desktop Mount which is compatible to all inCarBite Magnetic Wireless Car / Home Charger 

( Meta System Products are not for sale )

inCarBite Qi Wireless Charger ( Integrated between Car and Home )
( Maserati Brand products shown here are not for sale )
inCarBite Agents
Supports small MOQ, provides cost effective shipping services & marketing material.

OEM / ODM Services
Fully equipped Engineering & Design Team to serve your requirements in a fast turnaround manner. 

Automotive Corporate Gift Solution
Provides one stop design, manufacturing solution & small MOQ is welcome. 

Co-Branding Co-operation

Establish credibility, extend reach & double the company's marketing budget.

Sales Contact : sales@inCarBite.com

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