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Dear,It's Time To Change A New Cellphone :Special... Mon 03:14 PM 19-Sep-2016
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Only One Chance. Great shopping... Mon 02:11 PM 24-Mar-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Go Green: solar power & energy-saving... Tue 07:26 PM 11-Mar-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Love in March: have a date with newest... Thu 06:47 PM 06-Mar-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Close to nature & Experience... Tue 11:09 PM 04-Mar-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Close to nature & Experience... Tue 07:07 PM 04-Mar-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Here come the best sellers: start from... Wed 06:42 PM 26-Feb-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Incrediable sales to color your life:... Wed 12:59 AM 26-Feb-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Ready for new gadgets? Up to 48% off. Tue 06:22 PM 25-Feb-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Latest gadgets are coming. More... Tue 03:45 PM 25-Feb-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Dating with new arrivals. 5% Off For... Tue 03:11 PM 25-Feb-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Super Deal: Hottest Sellers with... Thu 04:01 PM 20-Feb-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], It's She that makes life meaningful!... Wed 07:05 PM 19-Feb-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Valentine's Day Special Offer! 48... Thu 07:17 PM 13-Feb-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Express Your Love on Valentine's Day!... Sun 03:59 PM 02-Feb-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Time Limited! January Hottest Deals... Wed 06:39 PM 22-Jan-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Unique Surprise for Your Unique... Fri 06:07 PM 17-Jan-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Smart Ring, Bring you Extraordinary... Wed 06:17 PM 08-Jan-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], New Year, New Atmosphere, New You!... Thu 07:59 PM 02-Jan-2014
Dear [FIRSTNAME], 2013 Hot Sellers Collections! TOMTOP... Fri 03:44 PM 27-Dec-2013
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Merry Christmas! Heartfelt Thanks From... Tue 02:12 PM 24-Dec-2013
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Latest Gadgets are Coming to Meet You! Fri 06:56 PM 20-Dec-2013
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Xmas Surprise for You! Come and Find... Wed 04:08 PM 18-Dec-2013
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Great Shopping Spree before Christmas!... Wed 02:30 PM 18-Dec-2013
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Come and Join this Carnival! Save up... Wed 10:41 AM 18-Dec-2013
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Don't Miss It! 5% Off For All! Limited... Wed 09:48 AM 18-Dec-2013
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Shop Spree before Christmas! From 5%... Wed 09:44 AM 18-Dec-2013
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Enjoy Your Driving All the Way!... Tue 06:26 PM 17-Dec-2013
Dear [FIRSTNAME], Great Deals before Christmas! 7% Off... Mon 08:18 PM 16-Dec-2013
Dear [FIRSTNAME], 7% Off For All! Limited Time! Come and... Mon 07:46 PM 16-Dec-2013

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