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Hi [FIRSTNAME], Plemix New Arrivals For You:Samsung... Wed 08:00 PM 22-Apr-2015
Hi [FIRSTNAME], Plemix New Arrivals For You:LG L90 Dual... Thu 09:42 AM 16-Apr-2015
Hi [FIRSTNAME], Plemix New Arrivals For You:Samsung... Wed 08:00 PM 08-Apr-2015
Hi [FIRSTNAME], Plemix New Arrivals For You:HTC One M9... Wed 08:00 PM 01-Apr-2015
Hi [FIRSTNAME], Plemix New Arrivals For You:Sony Xperia... Wed 08:00 PM 25-Mar-2015
Hi [FIRSTNAME], Plemix New Arrivals For You:Sony Xperia... Wed 08:00 PM 18-Mar-2015
Hi [FIRSTNAME], Plemix New Arrivals For You: Samsung... Thu 11:17 AM 12-Mar-2015
Catch the last chance to enjoyPlemix's Valentine Free... Wed 01:29 PM 11-Feb-2015
Valentine's Free Shipping Event of Plemix Thu 05:51 PM 29-Jan-2015
Discover the new products and special deals on Plemix Wed 06:38 PM 21-Jan-2015 wishes you a mercy Christmas Tue 04:05 PM 23-Dec-2014
Plemix's Christmas Sale Reminder Mon 06:01 PM 15-Dec-2014
Special Deals for HTC Desire 820, LG Nexus 5,... Wed 06:13 PM 10-Dec-2014
Special Deals for LG G3 D855, Canon and Nikon Lenses,... Wed 06:26 PM 03-Dec-2014
Plemix Black Friday Free Shipping and Special Deals for... Mon 04:40 PM 24-Nov-2014
Issue 39 - Plemix Black Friday Event, iPhone 6 deals,... Tue 06:35 PM 18-Nov-2014
Free Shipping is back! Enjoy shopping in the whole month... Fri 07:05 PM 04-Jul-2014
HURRY UP! Countdown of 3-Day Free Shipping on Mobiles &... Tue 06:00 PM 17-Jun-2014
Love Your Parents Promotion: Exclusive discounts on the... Thu 06:38 PM 15-May-2014
Happy Easter! $695 for Samsung Galaxy S5 4G Unlocked Phone! Thu 06:22 PM 17-Apr-2014
[LAST CHANCE] Free Shipping of Sony Xperia Z1 Compact &... Wed 05:43 PM 26-Feb-2014
[GOOD NEWS!] Free Shipping for the whole month of FEBRUARY! Thu 06:19 PM 20-Feb-2014
KUNG HEI FAT CHOI! Happy Chinese New Year from! Tue 06:37 PM 28-Jan-2014
Redeem Your Birthday Gift NOW: Exclusive for the first... Thu 07:10 PM 16-Jan-2014
*WAVE* 2014 - Get a Surprising Gift from! Tue 04:48 PM 31-Dec-2013
MERRY CHRISTMAS from! Tue 04:27 PM 24-Dec-2013
[23 hrs 12 mins Left] Last Chance for Christmas Deals Today! Thu 07:46 PM 19-Dec-2013
Christmas Free Shipping Deals: Exclusive for [EMAIL]! Sat 01:00 PM 14-Dec-2013
Cyber Week Sales: Special offer for Apple iPad Mini &... Fri 07:01 PM 06-Dec-2013
Cyber Monday Deals TODAY!! Don't Miss It!! Wed 06:10 PM 27-Nov-2013

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