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Hi [FIRSTNAME], Plemix New Arrivals For You:Samsung... Wed 04:21 PM 18-Apr-2018
Hi [FIRSTNAME], Plemix New Arrivals For You:Samsung... Wed 04:21 PM 11-Apr-2018
Hi [FIRSTNAME], Plemix New Arrivals For You:Samsung... Wed 04:21 PM 04-Apr-2018
Samsung Galaxy S9+ 128GB is now $900! Don't Miss It! Wed 06:17 PM 28-Mar-2018
The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Plus are now available at... Wed 06:19 PM 21-Mar-2018
Weekly Deals: Samsung S8 $605, LG G6+ $470, Google Pixel... Wed 06:34 PM 14-Mar-2018
New Arrival: Apple Homepod Speaker is now available at... Wed 06:41 PM 07-Mar-2018
Hi [FIRSTNAME], Plemix New Arrivals For You:Huawei Mate... Wed 04:21 PM 28-Feb-2018
Low Budget Choices: LG K10 (2017) $145, Samsung J7 Plus... Wed 06:47 PM 21-Feb-2018
Exclusive Prices: Samsung A8+ (2018) $505, HTC U11+... Wed 06:46 PM 14-Feb-2018
New Flagships for You: HTC U11+ $700, Samsung A8 (2018)... Wed 06:03 PM 07-Feb-2018
Plemix New Arrivals: Huawei Mate 10 Pro $745, Canon G1 X... Wed 05:55 PM 31-Jan-2018
Plemix New Arrivals: Samsung J7 Plus $270, Microsoft... Wed 06:26 PM 24-Jan-2018
New Year Deals: LG V30 $695, LG Q6 $215, Samsung Galaxy... Wed 06:10 PM 17-Jan-2018
New Flagships for You: Google Pixel 2, LG V30 Plus... Wed 06:50 PM 10-Jan-2018
Happy New Year! New Flagship of LG V30 Plus is now Here... Wed 07:04 PM 03-Jan-2018
[Last Chance!] Plemix Free Shipping and Sale: LG V30... Wed 06:58 PM 27-Dec-2017
Last Call for Plemix Free Shipping and Christmas Sale!... Fri 04:07 PM 22-Dec-2017
Plemix X'mas Sale & Free Shipping start now! Don't miss it! Wed 06:31 PM 06-Dec-2017
Best Deals of the Week: Nokia 6 $245, Apple iPhone 7... Wed 06:18 PM 29-Nov-2017
In Limited Offers: Apple iPhone X 64GB / 256GB are... Wed 06:23 PM 22-Nov-2017
New Arrival: Apple iPhone 8 is now available at Plemix! Wed 07:03 PM 15-Nov-2017
New Arrival: The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (256GB) Blue... Thu 07:11 PM 09-Nov-2017
Special Deals: Sony Xperia XZ1 $540, LG Q6 $225, Samsung... Tue 06:59 PM 07-Nov-2017
Special Deals: Huawei P10 Plus $595, Samsung Galaxy Note... Thu 11:44 AM 26-Oct-2017
Hi [FIRSTNAME], Plemix New Arrivals For You:Canon EOS... Wed 08:00 PM 18-Oct-2017
New Arrival: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N9500 Blue color... Thu 06:51 PM 12-Oct-2017
Weekly Discounts: Samsung Note 8 $885, Sony Xperia XA1... Wed 08:00 PM 04-Oct-2017
Special Deals: Samsung Note 8 $915, HTC U11 $625, LG G5... Wed 08:00 PM 27-Sep-2017
Samsung New Flagship: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Dual SIM is... Thu 06:28 PM 21-Sep-2017

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