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Weekly Special Deals: Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (2017) $275,... Wed 08:00 PM 16-Aug-2017
Save More: LG G6+ $565, Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra $350,... Wed 10:01 PM 09-Aug-2017
Today Only: Motorola Moto G5 Plus $265, Sony Xperia L1... Wed 08:12 PM 02-Aug-2017
Today Only: Motorola Moto G5 Plus $265, Sony Xperia L1... Wed 07:58 PM 02-Aug-2017
Save More: Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) $265, Samsung Galaxy... Wed 08:00 PM 19-Jul-2017
Special Deals: Sony Xperia XZ Premium $620, HTC U11... Wed 08:00 PM 12-Jul-2017
The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is now availble at Plemix!... Wed 08:00 PM 05-Jul-2017
Today Only: BlackBerry Keyone $595, Sony Xperia XA1... Wed 08:00 PM 28-Jun-2017
Best deals of the week: Sony Xperia XZ $420, LG V20... Wed 08:00 PM 21-Jun-2017
The Blackberry Keyone is now available at Plemix! Fri 08:21 PM 16-Jun-2017
Best Deals of the Week: Huawei P10 Plus $645, Samsung... Wed 11:18 PM 07-Jun-2017
Hi [FIRSTNAME], Plemix New Arrivals For You:Microsoft... Wed 08:00 PM 31-May-2017
Today Only: Samsung Note 5 Duos $455, LG G6 $570,... Thu 07:06 PM 11-May-2017
Deals of the Week: Sony Xperia XA1, Motorola Moto M,... Thu 06:28 PM 04-May-2017
New Flagship of the Week: The LG G6 is now available at... Wed 08:00 PM 26-Apr-2017
BIG SALE: LG V20 $445, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge $515,... Wed 08:00 PM 19-Apr-2017
Plemix New Arrivals: Huawei P10, Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro,... Wed 08:00 PM 05-Apr-2017
The New iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition is Here! Wed 08:00 PM 29-Mar-2017
Now Available: HTC 10 Evo, Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017),... Wed 08:00 PM 22-Mar-2017
Best Deals of the Week: HTC U Play, Samsung S7 Edge 64GB... Wed 08:00 PM 15-Mar-2017
The new HTC U Ultra arrived at Plemix now! Wed 08:00 PM 08-Mar-2017
Plemix New Arrivals: Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017), Galaxy C7... Wed 08:00 PM 01-Mar-2017
Hi [FIRSTNAME], Plemix New Arrivals For You:Apple iPad... Wed 08:00 PM 22-Feb-2017
Best Deals of the Week: LG V20 H990N, Samsung Galaxy Tab... Wed 08:00 PM 15-Feb-2017
Plemix New Arrivals: Google Pixel G-2PW4200, LG X Power,... Wed 08:00 PM 08-Feb-2017
Today's Hottest Deals: Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016), Samsung... Wed 08:00 PM 01-Feb-2017
Plemix New Arrivals: Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, Asus Zenfone... Wed 08:00 PM 25-Jan-2017
Save more on Asus Zenfone Selfie, Huawei Mate 8, Samsung... Thu 12:06 PM 19-Jan-2017
New Year Deals: Huawei P8 Plus, Google Pixel, and More! Thu 06:50 PM 05-Jan-2017
[Free Shipping] The Samsung S7 Edge Blue color is now... Wed 07:59 PM 28-Dec-2016

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