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Hello [FIRSTNAME]. Take advantage of this promo Thu 08:25 PM 18-Aug-2016
Hello [FIRSTNAME]. We will rock you Thu 08:57 PM 04-Aug-2016
Hello [FIRSTNAME]. Great Promo this week Thu 08:36 PM 28-Jul-2016
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Hello [FIRSTNAME]. Celebrate 4th of July and Save BIG Thu 07:54 PM 30-Jun-2016
Hello [FIRSTNAME]. Open and Save Fri 02:58 PM 10-Jun-2016
Hello [FIRSTNAME]. Save BIG this weekend Thu 05:21 PM 02-Jun-2016
Hello [FIRSTNAME]. It's getting HOT!! Thu 07:56 PM 26-May-2016
Hello [FIRSTNAME]. No Excuses this week Tue 08:13 PM 17-May-2016
Hello [FIRSTNAME].It's Cinco De Mayo Wed 09:51 PM 04-May-2016
Hello [FIRSTNAME]. Read this vital information to boost... Mon 07:51 PM 02-May-2016
Hello [FIRSTNAME].We have a hug with your name on it Wed 06:48 PM 27-Apr-2016
Hello [FIRSTNAME].Take a look at this promotion Thu 08:45 PM 21-Apr-2016
Hello [FIRSTNAME] Our "best value for traffic” offer is... Wed 09:28 PM 20-Apr-2016
Hello [FIRSTNAME]. No Tricks this April Tue 09:43 PM 12-Apr-2016
Hello [FIRSTNAME]. This April is going to be SPICY Thu 09:14 PM 07-Apr-2016
Здравствуйте [FIRSTNAME] 50% комиссии навсегда Tue 08:34 PM 05-Apr-2016
Hello [FIRSTNAME]. Save Big this Spring Thu 08:42 PM 31-Mar-2016
Hello [FIRSTNAME]. Save Big on your favorite Items this... Mon 07:36 PM 28-Mar-2016
Hello [first name] You have been chosen for a game... Wed 09:42 PM 23-Mar-2016
Hello [FIRSTNAME] You have been chosen for a game... Wed 09:39 PM 23-Mar-2016
Hello [FIRSTNAME] You have been chosen for a game... Wed 09:32 PM 23-Mar-2016
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It's Saint Patrick's Day Wed 09:09 PM 16-Mar-2016
Spark it UP Thu 09:24 PM 10-Mar-2016
We have your solution for a Happy Weekend Thu 10:03 PM 25-Feb-2016
Enjoy this weekend Special Thu 09:40 PM 18-Feb-2016

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