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如何优化跨部门沟通, 并高效解决内部冲突 Mon 08:25 AM 25-Jun-2012
Social Media Marketing in China Thu 08:18 AM 14-Jun-2012
如何通过游戏来启发员工的潜能 Wed 07:56 AM 13-Jun-2012
The 6 Leadership Secrets of Highly Effective Meetings Wed 08:06 AM 06-Jun-2012
How to Hire High-Performance and Highly-Engaged Sales People Thu 08:24 AM 24-May-2012
Conducting Effective Virtual Meetings and Presentations Wed 08:09 AM 23-May-2012
孙子兵法 之 销售谈判实战 Mon 08:21 AM 21-May-2012
如何在高未知及高压力情况下做决策 Fri 07:57 AM 11-May-2012
How to Hire Highly Engaged Employees with Great Attitude Wed 07:56 AM 09-May-2012
What Motivates Gen Y Employees Much More than Money Mon 08:43 AM 07-May-2012
7 Seats Left: How to Have Fun @ Work and STILL Get... Thu 08:44 AM 03-May-2012
80、90 团队凝聚力所在 Thu 09:37 AM 26-Apr-2012
成功招聘高绩效、高敬业员工的简单技巧 Mon 03:37 PM 23-Apr-2012
How to Have Fun @ Work and STILL Get Better Results Mon 08:04 AM 23-Apr-2012
高绩效员工的情绪与压力管理 Mon 09:57 AM 16-Apr-2012
Last 3 Seats! How to Drastically Improve Employee... Thu 09:49 AM 29-Mar-2012
Get Accredited in DISC for ONLY RMB 5,000 Wed 10:16 AM 28-Mar-2012
最后5席:如何将弹性福利作为人力资源战略的运用 Thu 08:21 AM 22-Mar-2012
43人已报名:如何在中国打造高效企业文化 Tue 08:35 AM 20-Mar-2012
仅限5位学员:Leadership IQ 中国首次《如何培养高效领导力》培训师认证 Thu 08:03 AM 15-Mar-2012
如何大幅度提高员工敬业度,打造高效企业文化 Tue 08:27 AM 13-Mar-2012
Webinar: How to Drastically Improve Employee Engagement... Wed 08:22 AM 07-Mar-2012
Enhancing Your Employer Branding in China Tue 10:24 AM 06-Mar-2012
新调研显示:中国仅有6%高敬业度的员工 Tue 07:53 AM 06-Mar-2012
Only 6% of Chinese Employees are Highly Engaged due to... Mon 08:05 AM 05-Mar-2012
如何为中国企业打造高效企业文化 Wed 07:30 AM 22-Feb-2012
如何将公司旅游作为激励员工、提高效率的好方法 Tue 07:33 AM 14-Feb-2012
如何大大提高了工作效率,并且使会议时间减少了50% Tue 08:18 AM 07-Feb-2012
Last 7 Seats! Mapping Winning Strategies in Uncertain... Mon 08:14 AM 30-Jan-2012
Creating Winning Strategies in Uncertain Times Tue 05:26 AM 17-Jan-2012

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