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全国最低价 DISC 资质认证:北京 2012年3月1-2日 Mon 07:33 AM 16-Jan-2012
Last 3 Seats! Using Games to Boost Team Effectiveness +... Fri 07:38 AM 30-Dec-2011
Using Games to Boost Team Effectiveness + Esprit de Corps Wed 07:55 AM 14-Dec-2011
只需5千元:DISC 资质认证公开课 Wed 08:05 AM 07-Dec-2011
<最后3席!> 如何在20分钟或以内准确分析应聘者•12月7日•上海 Tue 04:10 AM 06-Dec-2011
5 Seats Left! Thriving in Severe Adversity: Strategies... Mon 08:02 AM 05-Dec-2011
Power Breakfast Hour: Thriving in Severe Adversity:... Wed 07:35 AM 30-Nov-2011
最后5席:如何以更精简的资源做好全年培训计划及培训绩效评估 Mon 08:01 AM 21-Nov-2011
Spend Less Time and Get More Results for Your Sales Coaching Thu 08:22 AM 17-Nov-2011
Thriving in Severe Adversity: Strategies to Overcome... Wed 08:02 AM 16-Nov-2011
使用六顶思考帽以更少时间、精力成为高效销售团队教练 Fri 08:11 AM 11-Nov-2011
How to Analyse Training Needs and Evaluate Training... Tue 07:43 AM 08-Nov-2011
7 Creative Strategies to Organise High Impact Annual... Mon 08:21 AM 07-Nov-2011
2011解放杯“激光竞技”大赛 Thu 05:08 AM 03-Nov-2011
2011解放杯“激光竞技”大赛 Wed 08:30 AM 26-Oct-2011
如何 规避价格战,赢取大单业务 Tue 08:14 AM 25-Oct-2011
<最后5席!> 如何成为年会策划专家的四大技巧•10月27日•上海 Mon 07:43 AM 24-Oct-2011
组织发展(OD)方法和技能进修班 Thu 07:57 AM 20-Oct-2011
第55期希典研讨会:组织发展(OD)在中国的实践和挑战 Tue 08:38 AM 11-Oct-2011
5 Seats Left: How to Build Trust and Rapport with... Tue 07:41 AM 11-Oct-2011
孫子兵法 之 如何使你的销售团队达至巅峰绩效 Mon 07:49 AM 10-Oct-2011
孫子兵法 之 如何使你的销售团队达至巅峰绩效 Thu 07:29 AM 29-Sep-2011
Helping Customers to Get from Where They Are, to Where... Wed 07:48 AM 28-Sep-2011
与大师一起思考 Tue 07:56 AM 27-Sep-2011
如何获得突破性创新能力 以取得革命性业绩 Tue 05:21 AM 20-Sep-2011
<最后3席!> 中层经理人成为年会策划专家的四大技巧•9月23日•上海 Mon 08:19 AM 19-Sep-2011
Power Breakfast Hour: How to Stay True to Yourself and... Wed 07:49 AM 14-Sep-2011
最后7席:如何激励80、90后团队 + 教练型领导力技能 Tue 07:54 AM 06-Sep-2011
How to Excite Your People to Exceptional Performance Mon 09:16 AM 05-Sep-2011
The Conscience of a Leader: How to Stay True to Yourself... Wed 07:57 AM 24-Aug-2011

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